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Seattle surges past other tech job rankings! And Seattle Web Developers are no exception. So-called "Seattle website developers" are in great demand due to the local demographics and nature of the I.T. industry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects 8% job growth for web developers and designers from 2019–2029, double the national average for all occupations.

Seattle Website Developers

Suppose you're in the Seattle, WA, area or land on a Seattle website developer website. In that case, you will find that only a few web design agencies have the credentials and ability to deliver custom website solutions. Not all Seattle website developers can take care of a website from start to finish. For example, some designers specialize in a website's aesthetics, while others are proficient and gurus in programming. Then, web design agencies and digital marketing specialists can do it all. Full-stack development agencies can create individualized websites and SEO and market them under one roof. Rather than hiring a separate designer, programmer, SEO expert, or social media specialist, hiring an agency that offers all these services sometimes makes sense.

Web Developers

The expertise and arsenal of skills have grown over two decades. Many Seattle web designers handle front-end development and back-end work. Full-stack developers take care of the server-side aspect and the front end of websites.

Front-end developers focus more on the website's visual aspects, working with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Overall, back-end web developers focus more on functionality than all the visual and pretty stuff.

Full-stack development usually involves custom web development. It's when developers create a website that is unique to a business. Individualized websites are not the typical cookie-cutter template websites. They allow businesses and web pages to stand out compared to their competitors. Creating a custom website requires many artistic skills coupled with back-end coding.

What Do Seattle Website Developers Do Daily?

Each job as a website developer will vary, but the following are some of the tasks a web developer would be responsible for doing daily:

  • Write and update supporting code for websites.
  • Design, build, or maintain websites using authoring or scripting languages, content creation tools, and digital media.
  • Liaise with customers and project managers.
  • Work with several programming languages, design tools, or applications.
  • And more.

So What Do Seattle Web Developers Get Paid?

According to Glassdoor, the average full-stack developer's salary in Seattle is nearly 90k yearly! It generally depends on your diverse skill sets, experience, and where you work. For example, working for a big agency or company could generate a higher income.

New workers generally start at around $49,668. Web Developers' average pay is $87,943 annually, while highly experienced workers earn as much as $151,154.

13% Above National Average Salary!

Being a web developer in Seattle is one of the best places because developer salaries are 13% above the national average. Think about it: less school, more money. You could start with basic coding and make your way to a high-earning front-end developer salary. In turn, it will open other opportunities. After all, full-stack developer salaries are the highest compared to other professions.

Where Do You Start?

Are you looking to become a Seattle web developer? A web developer is among the highest-paying jobs based on the required " little " schooling. Volunteering and taking on web development in Seattle is undoubtedly an option. Individuals can still build their credentials through real-life projects and self-learning. Once you've created a portfolio of projects through freelancing web development jobs in Seattle, you'll be ready to move up the ladder.

The options are immense! You could also open your own Seattle web design agency and offer custom web development solutions. Whether it's high web development salaries or a passion for computer science and I.T., it's an area with many opportunities.

College vs. Learning Online

There are a lot of community colleges that offer degrees in web development. Also, many online resources can help you on the journey to becoming a Seattle website developer, for example:

  • Code Academy
  • Khan Academy
  • Code Wars
  • Course Era
  • Free Code Camp

Knowing how to build websites may not require school, but there is a setback in not having a certificate on your resume. You'd find it challenging to enter the workforce as a web developer. For example, lacking qualifications cannot help you get shortlisted or interviewed! Hence, a minimum of short-term programs is a good idea for starters. Students can earn certifications for web development and other related computer science disciplines. Highline College's CS/CIS department and other schools in the Seattle area offer short-term and 2-year degrees. The best part about community colleges is that they cost little to no money compared to other 4-year universities and boot camps.

Seattle Web Design Opportunities

Many web development companies, such as Seattle SEO Now, Sanyenko Design, Coalition Technologies, Thrive Design, Elevated Third, Visualwebz, and many more, work in the area! These companies have designed and maintained many local Seattle business websites. For example, dental offices, pubs, antique shops, and charities. Also, these Seattle-based web development companies have built and offered custom website solutions.

Seattle Web Developers Demand

By Googling "Web developer jobs in Seattle," you will find great jobs in Seattle, WA. There are so many job opportunities on for Seattle website developers!

The job market for web developers in Seattle is rewarding and thriving. Web development jobs are real from small businesses and companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon!

Seattle and the surrounding area's employment projections

Takeaway on Seattle Web Development Opportunities

Web developer jobs in Seattle are in demand, and coupled with reputable web developer salaries, anyone considering a career in this field will find it stable and exciting.

So, do you still want to become a web developer? I suggest you continue to research and see if it fits you. Even better, take an introductory class in web development.

For those already on the journey of becoming web developers or programmers, you may also need to be aware of some pitfalls to avoid when starting to code and—for example, never asking for help, not practicing but just reading textbooks, and, more importantly, not thinking like a web developer!

A web design education may ignite the flame and excite you about pursuing a website development career.



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