Control Your URLs!

A Major SEO Consideration Before Starting a Publication

A keyword-loaded URL may help boost your publication’s SEO.

Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash

When I first got into using, I simply needed a new home for my blog, and fell in love with the interface. As a full-time, professional web developer by day for the last decade, I’ve come to appreciate when something is super easy compared to the norm. Hands-down, if you just want to start blogging, is the easy button — nothing to setup or configure, no software to maintain, no server to look after, nothing to have to update. You just type and publish.

SEO Opportunities

From an SEO standpoint, one of the greatest opportunities offers is in the area of its publications. You see, when first setting up a publication, you have a little control of what the URLs will be for your stories.

URLs are important. For example, if you have a web site that reviews video games, you’d probably want URLs like …

https:// www . VideoGameReviews . com / reviews / ApexLegends

… instead of …

https:// www . whatever . com / myrev.php?id=123