NFTs, Women in the NFT Space

A Survey of Generative NFT Drops Run by Women (and/or Featuring Female Artists)

The NFT space has been dominated by dudes, but times are a-changin’.

A small selection of NFTs we’ll be discussing below! From top-left, clockwise: World of Women, Boss Beauties, Crypto Chicks, I’m a Kitty Cat, Crypto Mo’s, Sad Girls Bar. (I own the bottom three NFTs, btw, and my wife owns the top two left side ones!)

For this article, my goal is to create an ever-growing list of NFT drops either owned/lead by women or featuring a female artist. I’ll start off with ones I’m most familiar with, and I hope people will let me know others that belong here. I expect the list could get lengthy, so I’m not sure how long a Medium article can be. But we’ll find out!

Studies show that women are under-represented in the NFT space (only 16% according to this piece), and I think (based on Twitter buzz and also client inquiries at our own female-run NFT agency, GenerativeNFTs) that this will be changing. At our agency, btw, we’ve already launched four generative drops on the list below, and we’ve got three more on the way.

Here’s a start-off list of drops, presented in alphabetical order. Do check out and support these female-run and/or female-artist NFT drops!

1989 Sisters

Collection description (from OpenSea): “1,989 Sisters is the first NFT collection from fashion illustrator Blair Breitenstein. Every trait in this collection was hand-drawn or painted on paper, scanned and then layered through an algorithm to generate 1,989 women living on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection includes a nod to ten of Blair’s favorite iconic fashion prints. No brands are affiliated, connected or associated in any way with 1,989 Sisters. The collection also includes eight sets of twins and one set of triplets. This was not by design, but a serendipitous accident as Blair is a twin and was born in 1989, which was the inspiration for the collection name and number of Sisters.”

Links: OpenSea | Twitter | Website