NFTs, Business, Taxes

Accounting and Tax Planning for Generative NFT Drop Teams

No answers here, but a lot of questions — and, hey, that’s something.

Photo by Olga DeLawrence on Unsplash… LOL, see the year 2019 there? As if anyone had thought NFTs would explode a few years later, right?

Well, I just can’t believe I’m putting this out there as a Medium article, as it’s a tangential issue in the NFT space (at least as far as my involvement goes, as I’m a web3 dev specializing in generative art coding). BUT… look, frens




This publication features articles about the NFT space, especially focusing on generative art and 10k NFT sets. Editor: Jim Dee of  —

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Jim Dee

Jim Dee

Founder and chief generative coder at “We help mint millionaires!”

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