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Anatomy of a Generative NFT Drop Team: Roles and Responsibilities for Success on the Ethereum Blockchain

Planning a drop? Here’s a list of roles you’ll need to cover, including one critical area that everyone misses.

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Here at GenerativeNFTs, I think we’ve lost count of the number of worldwide NFT teams we’ve met with. It’s easily in the hundreds, and it’s also easy to lose track.

Over time, it’s become clear to me that, while there isn’t necessarily a magic team size out there to optimize a drop’s chances of success, there IS at least a list of critical roles that need to be fulfilled for any team. Let’s look at these roles.

And keep in mind that (1) one person can often cover multiple of these roles, (2) many of the roles listed below may represent entire teams, and (3) team members from any of these roles often provide input into many other areas. Overall, it’s a cross-functional TEAM approach here, but the roles include (listed in alpha order, so as not to anger anyone, lol):

  • 🎨Artist(s) — Usually, this is a single person who handles the NFT artwork. Occasionally, I’ve seen multiple people working in this area, but not often. (Once we get to generative coding, this is the person that I personally usually work closest with — even closer than those for whom I write smart contracts or do minting sites.) You may well have other artists in the marketing area, but I’d include those below. (Please show this person my how-to articles on NFT art setup, as they will make this person’s life so much easier.)
  • 💰Investor(s)—The money behind the initial development. Can easily be one person or a group of people (quite common to see both scenarios). Also, this is often someone from one of the other roles listed herein, as many (not all) investors like to be proactively hands-on with meetings and participation.
  • 👀 ️Marketer(s) This is almost always a team. If you’re not a celeb or influencer, it should be a team. And if you’re a celeb or influencer, you probably have your own team. So, teams are (almost always) best here. Marketing would be in charge of strategic planning, advertising, web site development (the marketing / communications site; not the web3 minting stuff)…