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Animated NFTs Fascinate Me, So I’ve Been Building a 1/1 Collection Using AI, PhotoShop, & Code

And, really, all founders of 10k generative sets should do 1/1 collections. So, I’m overdue for this.

Ever since launching my GlitchDeck NFT set (which is still minting, and I suppose will be for a good long time), I’ve remained fascinated by animated NFTs in particular. I kind of thought that making 8,100 playing cards would get it out of my system, but with all of the crazy-good AI tools coming out lately, it really makes creation mode a ton of fun.

And so, when the day’s done and I’m finished coding, I’ve been … well, coding more. Only, this time, I’ve been doing different stuff. Personally, what I love doing is conceptualizing some sort of scene, hitting up an AI like Midjourney for some source material, and then going nuts with it in Photoshop and elsewhere, layering all of that together with various custom coded and/or hand-made elements.

I’m sure that a lot of artists are doing pure AI imagery + some Photoshop and/or other post-processing. But there’s just something about animating these things that stands out for me. Here are some recent examples: