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Boonji To The Moonji? The Dramatic Dutch Auction NFT Drop that Didn’t Quite Make It (Yet).

An article that started as a ride-along to witness a buying frenzy, but turned into witnessing a failed attempt to launch. But, I’m certain they’ll be back!

Screen grab showing their “Boonji to the Moonji” headline.

My previous article talked about the financial and investing aspects of the Boonji NFT drop. In this article, I’d like to ride along and show any interesting stats and/or observations from the event itself. I think we can start with the start itself — or, in this case, a small delay:

I only include this to show that, no matter how financially giant or important the drop is, there can still be delays, for so many reasons. Take it from a developer: These things happen (though we aim to minimize them always, of course), and it doesn’t mean the end of a project. In this case, it looks like they bumped things just one hour. (I seem to recall many postponements in the Galaxy Eggs and possibly in the Mekaverse drops, as well.)

4:00pm: More delays …

Okay, that’s 6pm my time. So, let’s come back then. :-)

After 6:00 p.m.

Further delays, and the Discord starts going nuts with activity / FUD / insanity.

Soon after bots started posting scam links in the Discord, but were mostly shut down. (I guess it’s a good idea to disable link posting!)

6:25 p.m.

The artist chimes in that they’re about ready!