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Continuing NFT Royalty Battle of Blur vs. OpenSea Is a Nightmare for NFT Teams, Artists, and Creators

Is it Blur vs. OpenSea, Marketplaces vs. Creators, or Greed vs. Everyone?

Photo by British Library on Unsplash

This battle has been really raging for about six months now. The last time I threw my two cents in was November 2022 when I published “The Whole NFT Royalty Ecosystem Is a Giant Disaster, But It Was Also Inevitable Given the Market Size.” Such a hot topic: More than 20,000 readers visited that article!

As bad as it was back in November, it’s only gotten worse of late, as Blur has fired back bigtime against OpenSea’s Operator Filter Registry (which basically blocks other marketplaces who don’t enforce royalties) with two important developments of their own:

First was the $BLUR token airdrop, which was yet another of those massive liquidity showers into the crypto-coffers of those with giant bags already. (In fairness, these were the people who traded the most on Blur.) Similar to the $APE airdrop last year, my Twitter timeline was peppered with pleasantly shocked and amazed whales flexing massive paydays. (And similar to $APE, I didn’t get anything.😢)

Next was the various refinements from Blur and OpenSea regarding what is and isn’t…