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Cool NFT Projects Now Minting!

Some of my favorites and some I’ve worked on that are still available to mint.

Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash. A few lovely ladies at a carnival, surely looking at their latest NFT purchase on that phone.

Before starting, I just want to note that my main objective in writing on Medium is to help generative NFT teams understand what is involved in building and launching a generative NFT set — from artwork creation and coding through smart contracts and minting. I’ve put a TON of helpful articles here on Medium, and would recommend that you start with my article entitled, “Generative NFT Programming Articles — How to Prep for Doing Your Own NFT Drops.”

This page has one job — to serve as a home for various pet favorite NFT projects that I want to call out as being open currently for minting. I’ll give some detail about them and will indicate if I am or was involved. But my main goal with this article is to simply call out some NFT drops that can be minted right now. Once a project sells out, I’ll remove it.

I’ll list them in alpha order, as well, so as to not show any favoritism. If there is a cool drop that you know about that you think I ought to consider listing here (as I’m sure there are hundreds!), then drop me a line — jim [at] — and let me know. Can’t guarantee I’ll list it (I have to love it), and can’t guarantee I’ll be quick about it (sorry, I’m just super busy!). But, if it’s cool and the gang, I’ll try my best to pop it here.

Astral Pioneers

Cool-ass aliens! Info / mint here:

Chef Boi R Doge: Mutts

They’re dogs; they’re chefs; what’s not to love?! My friend Richie launched these pups not too long ago, and then hit the social media channels to tell everyone about them. Soon dogs started hitting the blockchain at a slow but sure pace (for now). As of this writing, the mutts continue to sell, and he’s up to around 200 at the moment. He’s got some spectacular rares in the set, and a ton of uncommon items in the general mix. If you’re into cooking, dogs, of both, consider minting a mutt! Richie rewards HODLers with interesting airdrops and comics!