Where Theory Meets Practice

Diving into the World of NFTs — Both via Theoretical Discussion and Actually Minting / Selling NFTs

Coupling an actual NFT art project with my tech / trend / marketing articles on non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

For anyone following this publication, you’ve probably seen a number of tech and/or marketing-related articles I’ve written about NFTs lately — these two in particular:

As this publication “Web Designer / Web Developer Magazine” is about web design, web developments, digital marketing and various other tangentially related topics, NFTs seem to fit in at least marginally well. The above two articles, in fact, could be summarized as a nice mix of informational tech pieces dovetailed with specific marketing ideas.

But that, for me, wasn’t enough. It was largely theoretical in nature. And so I wanted some more practical knowledge and experience with NFTs. That’s why, if you follow ME (as opposed to this publication), you may have noticed some strange headlines recently (and which will continue near daily for the next three months). Headlines like this one:

These headlines / articles / stories (call them what you will) are the practical side of NFTs (for me). In other words, I decided to launch my own NFT project and learn all I can about the marketplace, the tech side of minting and dealing with wallets, and related NFT trends.