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Ethereum NFT Smart Contract ASCII Art: Various Examples and How-Tos

Why not do something cool with your web3 dev?

Including an arty “easter egg” is a no-brainer for NFT drops. Show the world that you’ve got a clever, fun-loving team with this easy detail. Photo by Bee Felten-Leidel on Unsplash

I was just wondering… If you looked at the top 10 ranked NFT collections on OpenSea, what might any smart contract code-comment artwork look like? (And, for those not familiar with this, I’m speaking about text-based artwork that programmers can insert into code as comments. These comments appear in the code, but do not affect anything, aside from adding some visual interest.) Anyway, I was just wondering what a survey of these might look like. So, let’s have a look and see which of the top 10 have ASCII art!

  • Mutant Ape smart contract: While their BAYC contract didn’t have any art, they actually put a little Yuga Labs logo in the MAYC contract:
  • Clone X smart contract: Nothing artistic. But, interestingly, they did use the space for legal disclaimers, which I’ve written about before (see here).