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Hollywood Costume Designer + World Renowned Fashion Illustrator = An Amazing Art/Fashion NFT Project

An interview with the project’s founders, both of whom are full-time, professional artists / designers.

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While I’m mostly a blogger in terms of content generation, most of the “action” in the NFT social space takes place on Twitter — “Crypto Twitter” (CT) many call it. (I never learned to be brief enough to exist solely on Twitter, apparently. I think that’s my GenX nature showing through.)

Anyway, on CT, one of the things people always mention is “building.” “Who’s building?” they ask. “Bear markets are for building,” they assert. “You’ve gotta always be building,” they proclaim. And by this, they mean building out web3 projects like generative NFT sets.

Well, I’m building! Once I started in early/mid 2021, I never stopped — and have no plans to stop into the future, either. And of course my clients are all building as well. So to me, it seems like everyone is building!

As you can imagine, I get to work with tons of professional artists these days. Today, I thought I’d introduce a couple of artists I’ve been working with — Leon Krasenstein and Pippa McManus — the duo behind a partnership entitled LAPiNC. (LAPiNC is an interesting name because LAP could mean “Leon And Pippa” or it could mean “Los Angeles / Perth” in reference to the home cities of the founders.)

LAPiNC is working on a generative drop called “What a Trip” inspired by Alice in Wonderland. It’s an incredibly detailed generative drop of 8282 PFPs blending art, fashion, identity, and a healthy dose of psychedelia for good measure — representing an unbelievable amount of original design work by these two full-time professional artists.

Leon and Pippa have spent years building up their non-crypto chops. Leon sells out gallery shows regularly, and Pippa has a massive following on Instagram for her original fashion illustrations. So, I wanted to help spread the word about them here on Medium and in the NFT space. And to that end, I thought I’d do a little interview-style piece and see what they had to say in response to my own curiosity about their backgrounds. So, if you…