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How NFT Teams Can Address the Problem of Timing and Momentum in Generative NFT Marketing

You’ve got to strike while the iron is hot.

Photo by RODOLFO BARRETO on Unsplash

Here’s the deal with marketing generative NFT sets: It’s tough. It’s easily 50x tougher than it was a year ago when all you needed was a reasonably cool set of 10k PFPs and a little hype.

Here’s what makes it particularly tough: Timing.

With all of the competition out there, your chances of going viral or gaining the favor of some super-powerful NFT-space influencer just aren’t great. And that means your marketing will usually have to happen over time.

So, you pound the virtual pavement and do the marketing grind, day after day, week after week, evangelizing your drop. You faithfully do your Twitter Spaces and your Twitter engagement, and all of your other social media rounds. And you begin to pick up supporters — perhaps followers, perhaps Discord members, perhaps whitelist wallet addresses.

And in time you amass a healthy quantity.

Quantity is good! But time is not.

Here’s the deal… Let’s say in week 1, you pick up 400 whitelist wallets and 500 Twitter followers (which would be pretty good results from just organic marketing, I’d…