How to Prepare Artwork for a Generative NFT Programmer

Based on dozens of inquiries I’ve received lately.

A peek at part of one of the NFTs in my next minting batch on OpenSea. See!

Wow, thanks to everyone for contacting me lately about generative NFT programming services. It’s such an exciting time for NFTs, and for me personally and professionally. Ever since I launched, I’ve been inundated with activity, fielding inquiries from artists and NFT teams in need of developers. (Hopefully, you’ve read my article on generative programming services.)

The question I get the most, from those nearly ready to have their generative set (of 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000, usually) NFTs created as graphics is this: How do you want the artwork supplied?

And so, for this article, I’m going to answer that question. But, keep in mind that this is MY own personal answer. I’m not sure what others may require, so be sure to ask your own generative programmer if you’re not using me!

Adobe Photoshop PSD File

As a web developer, Photoshop is a near daily go-to for me. If I’m not using it for producing graphics for the web, then I’m in there looking at designers’ specs for web sites I’m building. It’s just a fantastic tool — not only for design, but (it turns out) for communication as well.

Initial Setup

I’m going to write a whole other article on dimensions of generative NFTs. But for now, I’ll just offer a quick guideline:

  • Shape: You can of course make your NFTs square or rectangular, as we’re talking about graphics here. For some reason, square ones seem to be the most popular (though my NFTuxedoCats were rectangular, portrait oriented). My recommendation: square.
  • Minimum size: There’s no minimum size in terms of dimension. But, for practical purposes, I’d say the smallest you’d want to go would be 500px square.
  • Maximum size: Practically speaking, I think there is a max. And that goes especially for generative graphics, as we’ll be producing 10,000 of them and the file sizes alone, once you have 10k of anything, is cumbersome. Also, most users are going to appreciate your graphics on-screen only, even if making them giant may please a few out there. For me, I’d say around 2000px square would be a goal max. I’m open to…