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I Asked an AI to Write an Essay on Building a Rarity Table for a Generative NFT Drop

Here’s what it wrote, and my reaction to it as a generative coder.

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash. Okay, AI bots aren’t really robots, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Okay, this is pretty crazy. I’d say my little niche here on the interwebs is fairly narrow, as there just aren’t terribly many people on Earth as obsessed with NFT rarity tables as I am. So, I wondered what an AI would do with the topic.

Below, I’ll share what the AI wrote, and then I’ll critique it, awarding a grade from A to F, depending on how it does. Let’s see if this will be generally interesting reading about creating NFT rarity tables:

The AI’s Essay:

Building a rarity table for an NFT project is essential to ensure that the tokens are distributed fairly and in accordance with the goals of the project. A rarity table helps define how many tokens will be created, what their associated attributes are, and how they can be used. It also allows creators to create scarcity within their projects by defining which token types have higher or lower values than others.

The first step when creating a rarity table for an NFT project is to decide on whether you want your tokens to have fixed or variable rarities. Fixed rarities typically involve predefined amounts of…