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I’ve Got a Great Idea for an NFT Marketing Initiative for a Vegas Casino. Anyone Want to Chat?

Not gambling, either — just a cool promotional idea.

Photo by Ben Lambert on Unsplash

You know, it’s funny. Sometimes I have ideas for specific promotional ideas utilizing NFTs and write them up as articles. IDK what businesses my readers are in, but you may be surprised at how often this approach results in actually getting through to the people you wanted to. (I think some people hoard ideas instead of putting them out there, perhaps out of fear someone else will steal them? IDK … seems like a waste to me. Ideas are easy to come by; it’s the execution that matters.)

A few months back, I posted one such “cool idea” article and, within perhaps just half a day of doing so, made contact with the exact people I needed to. And we damn-near launched a project because of it. (The market tanked, unfortunately, and I think that played a role in our not doing it. Also, tbh, I have some fairly strict liability concerns with respect to NFT projects, and not all clients see eye-to-eye on that — usually b/c they’re unfamiliar with the “wild west” web3 landscape/environment.)

Even my very first article on NFTs, an idea piece dating way back to April 2021 (ancient history in the NFT boom timeline) resulted in calls from some nonprofits. I didn’t get work from that one, either, but the response encouraged me to keep writing. (And, even now, I still think that article outlined an excellent idea for art museums.)

NFTs As Gambling

Last July, I’d written up, on another site, a little piece outlining an NFT gambling idea I’d had. I kept it off of this blog, at the time, because I was already getting inquiries from individuals looking to do NFT-based gambling projects and my lawyer at the time suggested that, while potentially lucrative, this sort of thing (running actual lotteries, for example) could get a dev into various kinds of legal headaches. So, I avoided doing any kind of gambling-related NFT projects, aside from discussing some mathematical consulting gigs with established gaming companies.

NFTs About Gambling