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Looking at the Feetpix NFT Collection — A Most Unusual Drop at What May Be the Beginning of an NFT Bull Run

From total obscurity to a 0.1 floor in just a few days. How far will these feet go?!

Screen-grab from the floor of the Feetppix drop today.

Back in November, I posted an article entitled Do You “Gotta Have a Gimmick” in the NFT Space? Let’s Look at a Current Example of a Great Gimmick. It talked about how being different can be an advantage in the NFT space. Well, seems to fit the bill here perfectly — and it managed to come in at just the right time, too.

I think it was just two nights ago… I was surfing Twitter and noticed an abundance of pixelated feet in my feed. It interested me for a couple of reasons: (1) It wasn’t influencers doing it, yet the feet were everywhere, and (2) when I finally looked up the collection on OpenSea, the activity was outrageously high. This is the kind of grass-roots, organic growth that strikes me as 1000x more exciting than influencer pumps. I have to wonder how surprised the team was at all of the activity. (Hopefully they were pleasantly surprised.)

At the time, they were trading at around 0.02 ETH and, even at that low level, they’d done something like 100 ETH in volume. From a quick look at their contract, it seems that they gave away 7,000 feet…