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My NFT Free Mint “Sold Out” — Here’s What I Learned and What I’d Change If I Were to Do Another

It was a lot of work, a lot of fun, and educational.

Just a screen-grab from the sold-out mint site. The Loopies live on Opensea now, here.

If you’ve followed my writings here on Medium, you probably saw that I launched an NFT free-mint project recently. On many fronts, it was an experimental launch in that (1) I basically limited myself to no marketing budget and (2) I’m not an influencer on Twitter — not by any stretch of the imagination. So, I knew going in that I was facing an uphill challenge, even when giving away NFTs. Here are some various notes, observations, lessons, etc., related to the experience:

  • Slow mints can also happen for free mints. The mint-out took 38 days. I launched it on June 7 and it minted out on July 15.
  • My low-budget marketing included: (1) various Medium article mentions, (2) occasional posts to Facebook NFT groups and Reddit subs, (3) using my main @SwiggaJuice Twitter account (currently 1,185 followers), a dedicated @LoopieLooNFT Twitter account (just 154 followers), and occasionally retweeting posts with my @NFTuxedoCats twitter account (354 followers), and (4) posting on LinkedIn, (5) emailing my active contacts as well as those who’ve emailed me about web3 dev work over the past several months, (6) directly…