Relax, Your Intranet Problems Have an Elegant Solution —Do What eBay Does: Use the The Joomla! CMS

Let’s get one thing crystal clear: The Joomla CMS is a *perfect* solution for intranets. Much of what you would need in an intranet system (users, protected content, various access levels, etc.) is built into the core functionality. So, right out of the box, Joomla can provide a basic intranet for your company.

For example, if you’re an HR professional, you could very easily port your entire company policy handbook to a web-based system with protected access for employees only.

To accomplish this, you would need only to set up a login page and set up uernames/passwords for your employees. Then, you’d assign those users to an access level requiring login. It could be called “employees” or some other access level that you name. Using Joomla, you can easily accomplish all of this using the standard back-end interface — no special programming or technical skills required. And, if an employee quits or leaves, you can lock him or her out permanently with a single click.

Joomla can handle any size company, as well. Whether your company has 20 employees, 2,000 employees, or even more, it’s all quite easily managed. Heck, even eBay uses Joomla for this purpose!

I’ll leave this rather brief for now, but with a few additional notes:

  • In addition to managing multiple employee users, Joomla also easily allows multiple users with additional access for administering and/or contributing to your Intranet system. So, if you’re the HR manager, but would like your employees to be in charge of posting policies, updating calendars, managing files, etc., this is also easily accomplished.
  • No need to worry if your site already has protected or premium content for registered users. You can easily make your employee-only content separate from all of this. This is all part of Joomla’s powerful Access Control feature. In this case, employees could have their own special access level — and all content meant for their eyes only could be categorized as such.
  • You should remember to exclude your intranet from the robots.txt file, to ensure that search engines do not attempt to crawl it at some point.

Who Needs a Password-Protected Inranet System?

  • Corporations wishing to reduce paperwork and improve efficiency with respect to internal communications.
  • Boards of directors who would rather house important resources online rather than in countless outdated binders.
  • Investors and investment clubs wishing to house deal information (spreadsheets, pro-formas, etc.) and maintain private communications.
  • Project teams wishing to privately collaborate online.
  • Anyone who wants a private, easily-managed, password-protected area for their web site, in which information can easily be kept up-to-date at all times for those with access.

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