Generative NFTs

Riding Along with the Superfuzz “Bad Batch” Sell Out Flash Drop NFT Sale

777 “Bad” Monsters hit the blockchain and sell out in 35 minutes.

As you may have read, I like to do “ride alongs” on NFT drops, kind of live-blogging (or rather live-screen-grabbing) during the process. It’s always exciting, and is generally educational as well because it helps me…




This publication features articles about the NFT space, especially focusing on generative art and 10k NFT sets. Editor: Jim Dee of  —

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Hi! My name is Jimoh Mubarak and I am a computer scientist.

Funding $2+ Million Projects via Generative NFTs — Launching Amazing Communities at Scale

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Jim Dee

Jim Dee

Founder and chief generative coder at “We help mint millionaires!”

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