SEO Blogging 101: How to Set Up a Blog and What to Write

Almost 100% of the time, when clients mention to me that they’re interested in setting up blogs, it’s for SEO reasons — they want to drive traffic to their web sites. Indeed, blogging is among the better ways to accomplish this. Traffic increases, brand awareness increases, and hopefully conversions increase as well.

That said, there are a two main considerations involved:

  • How should you set up the blog to begin with?
  • What should you write?

✒️ Blog Platform Considerations

Most people, by default, consider their web site as the natural option for their blog’s home. You already have, so it seems natural to make your blog, right?

On the other hand, here I am, as a professional web developer, doing a blog article on instead of That may seem a little odd to some. Let’s look at some pros and cons of these two main approaches (using your own site vs. another platform):

Using your own site:

  • Pros: You have full control of the template and design, and arguably better integration opportunities with your existing site. The URLs will include your domain name and blog article key words (e.g…