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The “Queen of Sandhelm” Preps to Drop 9,999 Generative NFT Keys to Her New Online Gaming Realm

A multiplayer roleplaying experience exclusively for The Sandbox Game.

My prediction about reader response to this article is that there will be two possible reactions: (1) “AWESOME!!!!,” or (2) “Wait … what’s The Sandbox?” Both are legitimate here, as not everyone knows about The Sandbox just yet. But it’s already gigantic, with major names in entertainment, gaming, NFTs, and crypto already aligning themselves with this go-to online metaverse. Heck, even Snoop Dogg has a mansion there!

A pic of Snoop in the Sandbox.

As you can see, everything in The Sandbox is pixelated — or, to be more precise, voxelated, as it’s all built from 3D units known as voxels. Here’s an intro reel about The Sandbox to give you a better idea of what it looks like inside:

And so that brings us to Sandhelm, a sprawling estate (a whole world, really) within The Sandbox. Ready for a preview?! Here you go:

Sandhelm promises to be quite the gaming experience, proudly touted as a roleplaying world built by and for roleplayers. It’s going to be amazing on all fronts — so much that it’ll take quite some time just exploring their web site (much less the game itself) to fully take in the game, the roadmap, the lore, and the whole vibe.

And, unlike many NFT drops for which a playable game is merely on the roadmap as a future, hopeful, development, Sandhelm is fully under development already and slated for launch this winter. The Sandbox land is secured, the adventure’s lore well…