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The Unique Role of Developer Advocates in Tech Companies and Organizations

Bridging the gap between tech companies and their dev communities.

As a follow-up to my article on data abstraction layers, I’d like to delve into the role of “Developer Advocates” within tech organizations. Recently, someone reached out to me about such a position, prompting me to reflect on the duties and responsibilities this role entails.

In the previous article mentioned above, we were speaking (coincidentally enough) about the development of an API to be used by a hypothetical tech company’s third-party devs. This API (the data abstraction layer) is a good example of something that exists at the specific point between a technology company and the developer community.

This particular intersection is extremely interesting because it’s somewhat unique in the business world; it represents an ongoing two-way channel of communication between a tech company and the developers who build using the company’s tech.

🏠 This is the point that the Developer Advocate calls home!

It’s a fantastic place to be, actually, because if you’re working within an organization that is well positioned to take advantage of the kind of feedback…