NFTs, Investing, and Collecting Cool Art

Upcoming NFT Drops that Look Promising for Investors

Ready to Profit from NFTs? Here are some ways!

Screen grab from the MekaVerse NFT drop, a hot upcoming opportunity for collectors and investors.

A potential client from a Wall Street firm emailed me recently and asserted that I “have alpha” in the generative NFT space. What a thing to hear, eh? He was far from correct, of course, but I took it as a compliment and scratched it up to my having spoken with so many teams worldwide at this point. CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, A-list reps, and plenty of “anon” types, all chasing the NFT dream. (I could probably do okay as a generative NFT consultant, come to think of it, if only I weren’t busy coding NFTs all day!)

If I’ve called a number of drops correctly, it’s quite often from my direct and regular exposure to these individuals, as potential clients routinely tell me about the drops they’re most excited about. A guy from England alerted me early to the Galaxy Eggs drop (which I did get in early on, thanks to him), and I wound up a huge fan and promoter of that drop as well. (I bought in at 0.085 and was offered up to 1.46 ETH for mine, though I loved it too much to ever sell. But, that sure does speak to the potential of NFTs on the investment side; it’s not always easy to 17x your ETH in a few days, right?!)