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Whitelist 👏 Count 👏Doesn’t 👏Predict 👏How 👏Many 👏NFT 👏 Mints 👏Will 👏Happen.

And it hasn’t for a good long while.

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

It’s just something I can’t stress enough for NFT teams planning a generative NFT drop. Whether you’re using Premint, or its new (free) competitor Heymint, or SweepWidget, or a web form connected to a Google doc, or even just doing things manually/old-school with a spreadsheet somewhere, here’s the deal:

Your Whitelist Size Is NOT an Indicator of How Many Mints You’ll Get

This is something I’ve seen many, many times in the field. Ultimately, the problem is a carryover from the mid-2021 heyday of generative NFT drops. Back then, as we all remember, whitelist size meant something — maybe not everything, but it was a decent indicator.

And then… things just changed. Crypto hit a bear market, NFT hype died down a good bit for new drops (esp. from non-influencer teams), and bots emerged to attempt to take over any and every aspect of the space that they could.

Oh, those bots were evil, weren’t they? I remember the Pepsi mint and it selling out in mere seconds, widely attributed to bots. And that was seven months back. And I recall numerous…