Watch out for these 4 Requisites before hiring a .NET Developer

ASP.NET programming is definitely getting hold in the technological scenario today. With a plethora of tools, technologies and frameworks gaining traction in the tech market today, so is the increase in the opportunities available for an expert .NET Developer. Android OS and iOS development has gained maximum attention in the market and with the coming of these two, we see that ASP.NET programming has also witnessed hike. There is no denying the fact that technology rules in each and every field nowadays.

This powerful framework is apt for creating great websites without any second thoughts. Though there are 3 frameworks available with .NET framework namely Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Pages. There are number of benefits available with using any of these three frameworks. The web applications developed with these frameworks are dynamic and powerful in nature.

What are the tasks of a .NET Developer?

Develops the application.

Builds the code for connecting with the application.

Makes a policy to run and launch the applications.

Designs many app systems.

Detects various bugs and resolves them.

Before you hire .NET developer, there should be a common understanding of the below written concepts as far as the skill set is concerned:

● Classic ASP and PHP knowledge is mandatory to use Web Pages. The development style followed in this is- HTML markup and customized code in the same file.

● Win Forms, WPF and .NET knowledge is a prerequisite for Web Forms. The development style here is HTML markup encapsulation with a rich library of controls.

● It is obligatory that the ASP.NET programmer should be experienced in ROR and .NET for the successful execution of the project. This is great for single page apps and mobile applications.

Apart from the above written concepts that play role before anyone hire .NET developer, the below mentioned points also play a vital role-

● Industry Knowledge of MVC Architecture

Secured, fast and scalable web applications is all that is expected out of a skilled and professional .NET developer. MVC is Model View Controller, pretty simple to use and based on a very powerful and robust 3-tier architecture. Currently, the market scenario is that C# is being slowly replaced by .NET framework and hence the demand to hire ASP.NET programmer or .NET developer is on the hike continuously. It is imperative that the .NET developer you hire is cognizant in MVC.

● Versatile Understanding of Database

Along with the MVC architecture knowledge, a skilled and an expert ASP.NET developer should have a versatile understanding of the database. It is expected out of an expert .NET developer that he has thorough know-how of the Microsoft SQL Database.

● Know-hows of Coding Skills of HTML, CSS and JS

Before you hire ASP.NET developer, make sure that the developer is also cognizant in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These client-side technologies are as important as mainstream ones.

● Well-versed in Object Oriented Programming

The developer you hire should be well-versed in OOP that is Object Oriented Programming. It should be made sure that he is perfectly skilled in inheritance, generalization, composition, and dependency.

In a nutshell:

Along with the above skills, the developer should show a flexi attitude towards the knowledge of different database. He should not be much rigid with only one database at all. The need to shift from one database knowledge to another can arise any time! He should also be able to administer, optimize and analyse the things to stay ahead of the competitors in the market.



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