There are a lot of collections with great + free image resources out there. And I use them to find great images too.

However I found some resources more useful than others, since I’m mostly looking for tech-related images for our web dev blog. With tech-related images I mean: different situations of people working together/in front of a PC, screenshots, images with different PCs and notebooks.

1. Create images on your own

That’s probably the best option here. If you really have a great & awesome piece of content and you want to get even more out of it: take pictures and create your own images. It will make your content even more outstanding. And it isn’t that complicated if you’re writing about tech-related topics.

Need some inspiration for taking pictures for your tech blog?

  • take a picture of your team while they’re working in front of the computer
  • take a picture of your notebook
  • take a picture of your desktop (like this one)
  • take a picture of your office itself
  • take a screenshot (like this one)
  • Record a screencast (with Camtasia) or GIF (with

2. Design your own images

Even if you’re not a designer, there are some great tools out there where you can create stunning blog images. I mostly use the following tools:

3. Use free stock images for tech-related posts

I love unique content. But I also know that free stock images are a great & easy way to make your blog posts more beautiful.

Here’s my list of resources I use while creating tech-related blog posts. PS: every now and then I go to other resources & websites too, however I consider the following sites as my prior go-to place for free stock images.

4. Use GIFs, memes or emojis

A picture paints a thousand words. And what about a GIF or emoji? ;-) I really love using GIFs or emojis since there’s no easier way for expressing emotions and feelings.

I therefore use:

PS: Enjoyed the list? Feel free to give it a share.

PPS: Missing something? Ping me on twitter.

Inside Web Development

Stories from the makers of Usersnap

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running marketing at @usersnap. Interested in SaaS / marketing / B2B / growth. Travel slow.

Inside Web Development

Stories from the makers of Usersnap

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