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50 Ideas for Your Blogs Posts That Will Work

1. Competitors Ideas

Check what they are writing about. Have you missed any topic which they covered but you haven’t? However, do not copy their content. Develop your own original and unique content.

2. Update Your Old Posts

Keep a check on any old post you have written and update it. Keep your posts fresh and keep improving their SEO.

3. Interviews

It is a good idea to interview another expert. It will bring in a fresh angle to your blog. It will be easy for you to increase your reach. You can do a series of interviews.

4. Survey

Use Google tools like Google Surveys to collect original stats, which can help in creating blog posts.

5. Blog About Anything That You Find Inspiring

Write posts on anything that inspire you throughout the day.

6. Social Media Questions

Social media is one of the best places to know what is on the mind of people. It is a smart place to get ideas for your blogs. Ask your followers a question and you can turn their answers into posts.

7. Top 10 List

You can write a top 10 list focusing on issues that are related to your niche.

8. A Guide on Your Expertise

People will read your posts because they might be interested in what you desire to say. Thus, dive deep and mention your expertise.

9. Round-Up Old Posts

Roundup some of your best posts from the time you started blogging. This could be a good topic.

10. Try Something Unique

You can try out anything different close to your niche. Blog about the results you achieve.

11. Your Future Plans

You can write about your plans for the future. Let your readers know what you are up to. It can be your personal plan.

12. A Problem you Might be Facing

You can write about any problem you are facing. You can ask your readers about different ideas.

13. Day in the Life Post

You can write a blog about your typical day which can include about your running a business.

14. About a Giveaway or Competition

You can blog about a giveaway or competition which will help in expanding the reach of your blog.

15. Have a Look at Some of your Popular Posts

If any of your old blogs worked well, there is a possibility that in the future similar topics will work well also.

16. Write About a Success Story

If you have inspired or helped anyone through your blogs, you can share the story with others.

17. Make a Blog Post of Other Content

You can reuse any old content as a blog post. This can also be a video post or social media post.

18. Use Keyword Research

It is a good way to discover subjects which you can write about. You can use SEMRush to search keywords for your blog.

19. Response Blog

You can write a response to someone’s query or post. It can be a good and useful blog post.

20. News Post

You can write about any latest news as a blog post.

21. Try Question and Answer Sites

Make a post on some of the burning questions of the present time. Use Quora to find questions and answer them as posts.

22. News Roundup

You can track stories related to your news and post them on a monthly or weekly basis.

23. Guest Authors

You can attract guest authors to your blog and get a fresh feel and appeal to your blog.

24. Question your Readers

Why not ask readers what they think about a topic. Create posts from answers.

25. Review a Tool in the niche

Review a blog, a website, or a tool. Let people know your opinion.

26. Showcase for Others

Profiling other bloggers in your niche can help in extending the reach of the blog.

27. Let others know about a mistake

Let others know what you learned from your experience. You can prevent others from making similar mistakes.

28. Offer a Tutorial

Teach others what you know well. It can be about fixing a broken tap or using the software. A step-by-step tutorial can help.

29. Title Generators

You can use title generators to get interesting titles for your blog

30. Vlogging is a Great Idea

If you add a video, you can tackle many new topics.

31. An Infographic Helps

Create an infographic related to your niche. It will be a success.

32. A Presentation can Become a Blog

You can turn a good presentation into a set of blog posts.

33. Write About Success Tips

If you feel you are successful, why not let others know? Offer tips to others and help them succeed.

34. Talk about the Skills Related to Your Niche

Write about the skills needed to succeed in your niche. You might help others succeed.

35. Talk About Specific Incidents

You can write about things you had known before doing something. It might help in preventing similar mistakes.

36. List of Social Media Posts

You can prepare a list of popular posts and create a blog post. You can create several sub-topics on the subject.

37. Did Someone Help you — Write About it?

Write about someone who helped you in learning new skills. Write more about the person.

38. Getting Started

You can always guide others about how to get started. You can offer tips to others to help succeed.

39. Talk About anything That Might effect Everyone

You can blog about anything which has impacted your niche. What are the changes which it had made?

40. Breakdown of Profit or Loss

You can share a monthly breakdown of profit/losses. People love data.

41. Book Review

Why not review a book which you loved? Just share your thoughts with others.

42. How is your blog portrayed?

You can write about the way your niche is presented in popular culture. It is a good way to educate people.

43. Predict Your Niche

Talk about the changes your niche might go through. You can have plenty of ideas to blog.

44. Debunk Myths

If there are myths related to your niche, come up and debunk these myths.

45. Create Challenges

It may be in the form of an exercise or anything else — you can create a challenge and blog about it.

46. Review an Old Blog

If you had made certain claims in your old blog, which didn’t turn out to be true, you can blog about it. Explain what went wrong.

47. Podcast Review

Review a podcast related to your niche. Let people know why it is worth listening to.

48. Blog About Your Creative Process

Why not help others know how you write blogs? It can help others learn how to write well.

49. Blog about an Event

If you have attended an event, you can write about it. Write what you learned from it.

50. Prepare Resource List

You can prepare a list of tools needed for the success of your niche. These can be a great idea for a blog post.

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