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The Best Places to Share Your Content

If you want to drive traffic to your business or brand, writing and publishing solely on your own website won’t do it. While doing this is essential to generate organic traffic, it’s not enough to beat the competition.

The online content market is saturated and incredibly competitive. Over 70 million blog posts are posted on the internet every month, making it essential to expand your publishing sites if you want to gain any legitimate traffic.

There are many mainstream sites to publish content on, and additionally to these, you should also use niche and industry-focused platforms to get more targeted eyes on your content.

Publishing and sharing your content through different platforms will make your message more widespread. It will amplify your growth and generate more conversions.

If you want to know which platforms are best to share content on, read on below where we list the best mainstream and niche-focused places to share your content.


Facebook is an excellent platform to use for sharing your content. You can engage with your audience, allow them to share your content with family and friends, and get valuable insights into how your content is performing.

Your Personal Facebook

While some might think this option is obvious, many forget to use it. Sharing content with friends and family on your personal page can help with your growth and gain you some local support and clients. If you’re concerned about coming off as spammy, create a Facebook list and exclude people you know won’t find value in what you share, like your great-grandma or uncle Bob.

A Brand Page

Facebook brand pages should never be overlooked. They can grow your content reach exponentially when managed correctly. To drive more traffic to your website, give your page audience snippets of the content shared there by posting quotes from your content or small informational pieces directing them to the complete article.

A Facebook Group

Facebook groups are still very relevant! Many users are active in groups, and you can join or create an industry-related one to gain followers. Remember to contribute to the groups you join by reading others’ content, participating in discussions, and answering questions. If allowed, share your content at least once a month.


Tweeting is a great way to get your content out there without sharing whole pieces and stealing traffic from your website.

Personal Twitter Accounts

Twitter moves fast, and so should your content. Sharing a link to your website articles with a great quote is an excellent way to spread your work without spamming your followers.

Brand Twitter Accounts

With a brand account, you’ll already have your target audience at your fingertips. Regularly share links to your articles with a teaser of information as your tweet and schedule your posts to maximize your productivity.

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats use hashtags to group content into niches. Find and use your industry-related hashtags and use them to join in on the conversation. However, use it sparingly. Don’t spam the chat hashtag with every content piece you have.


If you have a solid follower base on LinkedIn, you can share your articles on this platform as well. It allows users to organize blog posts from their personal profile as LinkedIn articles.

Users can subscribe to your posts, and when they do, they’ll receive a notification when you publish new content. This alert system has a definite ranking over other sharing platforms since the notification is an in-platform one.

Luckily, Google also isn’t flagging content shared on LinkedIn and websites as duplicates.


Although email marketing is an old method, this tactic still lifts heavy bars. Email subscribers are 3.9 times more loyal to brands, making them willing to share content on their personal platforms.

The CTR on email clicks is also higher than on social media posts. Campaign Monitor established that brands are six times more likely to get a lead from email marketing than Twitter.

There are different ways to use email marketing, and you’ll have to decide which works best for your business or brand. While some prefer to send daily emails, others find it spammy and instead send out a newsletter once a week or month.


With Medium, you can republish existing blog posts or share teasers of your complete content with a link to your website as a method to drive more traffic. Once you’ve established yourself on Medium, you can mix things up by adding exclusive Medium articles.


Known as the internet’s premier question-and-answer website, Quora is an excellent source for promoting your website and getting content ideas. It’s been around forever, and with good reason: it’s straightforward to use.

Users of the platform can ask questions, answer questions and search for similar posts with ease.

As a business, you can utilize this platform for marketing purposes by answering questions in your niche with a link to related blog posts on your website.

You can also use Quora for research purposes. If you search for commonly asked questions in your industry, you can use this information to create content that you know your target audience will find helpful. Creating sought-after content will drive more traffic to your site, and when people repeatedly find answers to their most frequently asked questions from you, you’ll start building a following.


While Redditors quickly pick up on brands attempting to spam target subreddits with their personal content, there are still ways to use this platform. When done the right way, Reddit can be a worthwhile content-sharing site.

You should carefully select your shared content and ensure that it provides real value to those reading it. If your company has employees with active Reddit accounts, it would be best to ask them to occasionally share company content. However, they should remember to share other content too to avoid being labeled as a spammer.

The last thing any company needs is to be called out on such an active platform.

Growth Hackers

The goal of many businesses is to scale up by taking on more work and overcoming new obstacles.

As an online community of content generated by its users, Growth Hackers provide valuable insight on increasing company sizes, customer bases, lead generations, and revenue.

Each article shared is insightful and contains many niche orientated details. It’s well worth it sharing your content to make people notice you and grow your business.


BizSugar is an online community that hosts live events, free groups and share resources that are valuable to its users. Both business owners and marketers interested in discussing growth hacks and related topics will find value in this site.


With over 1 million developers sharing content on Dzone, this is the place where you’ll find great information and links related to coding, cloud computing, and more!


On Managewp.org, users can vote for content about WordPress.


Creating an account and sharing your content on Flipboard is an excellent way to drive more organic traffic to your website. It’s a simple app backed with serious clout.

The Flipboard app condenses content on the internet into smaller pieces. They share content from huge publications and target the content to the audiences looking for it.

Using this app will also help you keep track of your personal social media feeds and industry insights.


Having the correct format for your content is a significant factor if you want to have a wider reach. While this usually takes a lot of time, you can use highlights of your content and share it with SlideShare as a presentation to maximize results.


Listly is an excellent content curation tool that’s easy to use and has web application and an iOS app. Once you’ve created your lists, they can be published to your audience.

Your audience can even vote on your content to provide you with valuable feedback.


With over two million monthly users, Scoop.It is a powerhouse platform. Marketers can curate content from authoritative sources in their industry to share on social media platforms.

You can also use the platform to share your content with other users who might give it a share.

Scoop.It makes content sharing easy and helps creators come up with great topic ideas.


Business2Community is a successfully driven content sharing site where leaders, writers, and marketers all gather to share insights and information in one place.

New writers can use this site to get their feet in the door, and it’s also a valuable platform for in-depth discussions and expert opinions on specific subjects.

Final Thoughts

Online sharing platforms make it easy to share your content with millions of users who can turn into potential followers. Your job is never to share low-quality content with no value. If you want to attract loyal audiences, you should remember to give them something useful. Being a self-opportunist who only shares and never engages will get you nowhere.

No matter which platform you choose to expand your reach, being part of that online community will involve communication, participation, and contribution if you want to build strong, lasting relationships. Doing your part will bring you a harvest of support.

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