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The Best Tools for Creating Better Content

There’s no shame in utilizing email marketing tools to up your game. Researching, writing, and editing content can be an exhaustive activity lasting your hours per piece, if not days.

While having the skills to create killer content is a great start, you need to have the proper knowledge if you want your content to get noticed by search engines and users. Your content should stand out in an already saturated web, and with some content creation tools, you’ll achieve precisely this.

This article covers the best content creation tools currently available that will help you research and develop content that wow readers and drive conversions. Read on below to find out what they are!

Research Tools

When it comes to content writing, the hard work starts before you even type a word. Researching is the first step involved, and while it’s excellent to aid you in generating ideas, scoping out your competition, and identifying target keywords, is a lengthy process.

Luckily, there are dozens of tools available to help you streamline this process.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

If you’re often on the losing end of coming up with excellent blog titles, then this tool is for you. Portent’s Content Idea Generator can help you come up with click-worthy titles within seconds.

It’s free to use, simple, and provides you with an endless number of content topics that you can turn into engaging blogs.


Although Leadfwd focuses on turning website visitors into potential leads, it’s beneficial for content creation. It analyses how your website visitors spent their time there, providing you with dozens of insights to alter your content and help increase your lead generation.

Being able to do this is tremendously valuable for content creation and marketing.


If you need to simplify your search for content ideas that intrigue your target audience, BuzzSumo should be your weapon of choice. This tool pulls popular competitor posts by using keywords that can be sorted according to their reach on different social media platforms.

You can also filter your search to specific regions, domains, etc., making BuzzSumo the ultimate research simplifier.


There’s no better way to improve your content than following feedback given by your users. With their direct opinions, you’ll be able to create a more personalized website experience.

Awario allows you to bypass messenger tools and surveys by letting you listen and monitor social media conversations. With this information on hand, you’ll be able to spot and correct your content mistakes.


While Ubersuggest is another excellent tool for identifying keywords, it also helps you find content ideas that grab attention. With this tool, you have an almost limitless supply of search-worthy keywords and content ideas at your fingertips.

Ubersuggest works by using suggestions from Goole Ads Keyword Planner and Google Suggest to provide you with short and long-tail keywords.

Answer the Public

By simply entering a primary topic, Answer the Public will provide you with a visualization of topics that you can turn into killer content for blogs and web pages. It’s free to use and works by generating topics and terms most often used by web users.

If you’re stuck on what to write about, Answer the Public is a really handy tool to have.


Sometimes there’s no better source for finding out what grabs your target audience’s attention than the audience themselves. With Quora you can get in touch with unknown members of your target audience through a questions-and-answers method.

Use the built-in search function to find helpful discussion threads in your niche, ask your own questions, or even promote your content by offering it as an answer to existing questions.


Like Quora, Reddit is also an excellent platform filled with content ideas directly from your target audience. It has a vast user base that covers any topic from marketing to plumbing through discussion threads.

You can use Reddit to search for content ideas, ask for feedback, find partnership opportunities and attract backlinks.


While the quality of your written content is essential, optimizing it for search is what will help it rank. Using the proper keywords will help you reach your target audience instantly.

Below are three SEO tools to help you optimize your content.

Surfer SEO

Known as one of the best SEO tools on the market, Surfer SEO analyses top-ranking search results to provide you with a line-up of excellent suggestions that will help your content be competitive in search.

Suggestions can include target keyword usage and word count.

Besides this, Surfer SEO also serves as a platform to write, analyze, and optimize written content in one place.


SEMrush is a popular choice for increasing organic traffic by rising above competitors and attracting backlinks. It has a wealth of information to help with SEO and link building, competitor research, and content creation.

While SEMrush has a limited free version, its premium one allows you to research target keywords, get insight on competitor strategies, and identify backlink opportunities.

SEMrush has a Keyword Magic Tool to help you find low competition keywords with a high search volume and an SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant tool to help better your content.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is not an end-all-be-all for SEO purposes, but it is an excellent plugin to have on your website.

With this tool, you can have the readability and SEO-friendliness of your content rated in real-time. Specific issues will be highlighted, and focus keywords can be set for individual posts.


If you have outstanding research skills and your content is optimized for search engine bots, you’re only halfway there!

Users want content that they enjoy reading, making the readability of your work a vital factor. If you have a way with words and can properly construct it, your content will drive traffic and encourage readers to finish the pieces they start.

Readability is important since different audiences have different levels of understanding. Content written for novice audiences won’t contain as many complex terms as content written for marketers.

Using writing assistants simplifies the task of making your content make sense for your specific audience and improve your overall writing skills.


Grammarly is a popular writing assistant with a free and premium version. It comes with a free Google Chrome plugin to help you analyze content in Google Docs and across social media and other content platforms.

With Grammarly, your content is checked for grammar, spelling, and readability issues in real-time, and you’re able to edit content as these are pointed out.

Additional features of this tool include filtering your writing goals to optimize your content for your audience’s reading level.

Hemingway App

Similar to Grammarly, the Hemmingway App is a free online writing assistant that helps analyze your content’s readability, spelling, and grammar.


When content marketers work in a team, they often produce some of their best results. More eyes on a project mean more ideas and abilities to create excellent content.

Ideally, a content creation team consists of content researchers, skilled writers, editors, and marketers. If you add a graphic designer, your team will have an added advantage.

Once your team is gathered, you need to set up a work platform that will enable you to share work between members and track your project status.

Google Docs

This cloud-based document platform from Google has all the features needed from a word processor. It’s free, widely available, and allows you to customize fonts, inset tables, add images, etc.

Documents created using Google Docs can instantaneously be shared with others, and all with access to the shared document can seamlessly work in it together. The document’s creator can assign certain privileges to those with a link to it, and these include being able to leave a comment, make edits or simply read it.

With Google Docs, your content team will be on the same page and create excellent content in real-time.

Dropbox Paper

As a minimalistic cloud-based app, Dropbox Paper allows you to write content, include visual media, create to-do lists, and add files. Once your document has been created, you can share a link to it and allow users of the link to comment and share in the document.

Ultimately, a choice between Google Docs and Dropbox Paper will be based on your team’s unique preferences.


Known as one of the most popular collaboration tools, Slack is chosen for its user-friendly interface, file-sharing abilities, and monitoring options.

Users can share documents, visuals, audio, and more. With Slack, companies can monitor when an employee logs in and out, and they can replace email communication with it too.

Slack simplifies collaboration across various departments and thus saves time and expedites creation processes.

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