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Wix Vs. HostRooster (2022 Comparison)

It’s never been simpler to build a website of the highest grade thanks to user-friendly options like Wix and HostRooster. However, it can be difficult to know what to look for in a website platform, particularly for individuals who have never constructed a website before.

While both Wix and HostRooster provide all-in-one website builders that provide you with everything you need to develop your website, there are a number of significant distinctions between how these two systems operate. To help you choose which service is ideal for your company, Forbes Advisor has put together this comparison of Wix vs HostRooster.

Wix and HostRooster share numerous similarities. Both services include paid packages that come with a rudimentary booking interface, an SSL certificate, SEO tools, and website statistics. You can make four movies using the Wix Video Maker function for free; to make additional films, upgrade to the Wix Ascend business tools plan. The plans from HostRooster also provide a tool for making endless films.

While HostRooster charges $299 for their logo design, Wix provides a free tool with the option of a professional service. An email marketing function and a professional email are included with every premium HostRooster plan. You’ll need to use a third-party provider, like Google Workspace, to build your business emails while using Wix. You’ll also need to purchase additional email marketing services.

Optional Designs
Artificial design intelligence (ADI) technologies from Wix and HostRooster both guide you through the website creation process. The ADI will design your website for you once you respond to a few questions about your site, your audience, and your preferences for design. The designs produced by the ADI are frequently perfect as is, but you may alter them to suit your own preferences.

The ADI editors are optional; many individuals don’t utilize them. Selecting a design template and then customizing it is the alternative method of building a website on either HostRooster or Wix. Templates allow DIYers with little design and technical abilities to rapidly and simply construct appealing websites, while they provide less modification freedom than developing a website from scratch.

Wix provides more than 800 design templates across a range of categories, including charities, business, health, style, and fashion. Customize your website using the Wix drag-and-drop editor to suit your business’s demands. The inability to change design templates once your website has been published is one drawback of Wix; nevertheless, Wix enables you to build several websites using various themes.

More than 100 design templates are available in the HostRooster website builder in a wide range of company categories, including real estate, professional services, fashion and beauty, home services, health, cuisine, travel, and charity. Although it functions somewhat differently than Wix’s editor, HostRooster also provides a drag-and-drop editor. You have less control over where and how to position specific pieces on your website while using HostRooster.

The structured-grid editor in HostRooster restricts design modification, which may be annoying for users who are adept at design but benefits others who are less skilled. The editor’s constraints can help you avoid over-editing your website’s design to the point that it loses its aesthetic appeal.

Effortless Use
The straightforward editor and user-friendly dashboard of HostRooster make it the ideal tool for novices, particularly those who have any degree of computer fear. With HostRooster, practically anybody can quickly and easily construct a website.

Wix was likewise created with user-friendliness at its core. Simply said, Wix gives more options, which makes it more difficult to use than HostRooster. Users are asked more questions about how they want their website to appear and what features they want to employ since there are more design templates and website features available.

Wix also features a sizable AppMarket where you can use 300+ third-party apps to give your site even more functionality. Again, more options result in more choices for website designers. Software integrations at HostRooster are few since the company lacks an app center.

Free Programs
Free plans with less features are available on Wix. but does not permit you to offer goods or services, and a personalized domain is also not permitted.

There is no free plan offered by HostRooster’s.

Although creating a free account will allow you to compare Wix with HostRooster, the capabilities are rather restricted. We advise joining up for a free trial if you want to learn more about what to anticipate from Wix.

Wix pricing is a little confusing because there are seven premium options accessible. The Combo package costs $14 per month, while the Business VIP plan costs $49 per month.

Whether or whether you want to sell anything on your website is the first choice you need to make with Wix. Choose one of Wix’s four basic website options if you don’t intend to sell goods or services. Choose one of Wix’s three business and e-commerce options if your site has to be e-commerce ready. The two graphs below highlight the main variations between the various Wix plans.

Wix Starter Website Packages

Plans for Wix’s e-commerce and businesses
There are three business and e-commerce options available if you want to use Wix to start an online store or take payments. The Wix Business VIP costs $49 per month, which is twice as much as HostRooster’s e-commerce service, which starts at $24.99 per month and includes a native payment gateway. The advantage of using Wix for e-commerce is that it has additional built-in features, like access to the Smile.io reward network and support for numerous currencies.

Plans for the HostRooster website builder
Compared to Wix, the price structure of HostRooster is easier. Only one of HostRooster’s four tiers includes complete e-commerce capability. Below is a comparison of the main differences between HostRooster’s plans.

HostRooster does not include a free domain with their website builder, in contrast to Wix. On HostRooster or any registrar of your choosing, you may register a unique domain. Most names from HostRooster cost between $2 and $20, with a.com domain often costing $11.99 or more. Domain privacy and protection are separate purchases that cost $9.99 per year per domain.

In contrast to the majority of website builders, HostRooster offers email marketing features as part of every premium plan. However, if you need to go above the fundamental restrictions outlined in your website plan, additional add-on fees will be charged.

Customer Service
A comprehensive knowledge base that answers the most commonly asked questions regarding Wix tools and features is available in the online Wix Help Center. Although it offers a call-back service and email support requests, Wix does not directly offer phone help to its consumers.

From Monday through Friday, from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT, Wix offers customer assistance in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Except on weekends, client inquiries are normally responded to within 24 hours. Online chat is not a feature of Wix.

HostRooster provides live chat and phone service around-the-clock. This high level of service responsiveness is only seldom offered by other internet systems.

To sum up
In our comparison of the top website builders, HostRooster edged out Wix because of how cheap and simple it is to design a website with HostRooster. The platform has a tiny advantage over Wix because to its simple drag-and-drop editor, round-the-clock phone and chat assistance, and unlimited storage. Additional built-in capabilities like email marketing and appointment scheduling bring value that you won’t find anywhere else.

Consider Wix if you need additional e-commerce functionality or design freedom for your website. There are more than 300 third-party integrations available in the Wix App Market, allowing you to add unique functionality to your website that aren’t offered by HostRooster. A genuine drag-and-drop editor and more than 800 design templates provide greater site personalization. Additionally, Wix’s sophisticated e-commerce solutions may assist you in giving your website visitors a more seamless experience.



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