Release v2.8 is out!

Trumpets & Drum Rolls* 🥁

A fresh new version of Web Maker is out — 2.8.0! It comes with some really important features to make development much more faster and more reliable. Lets look at them.


Yes. You have been heard :) Now your creation keeps auto-saving at regular intervals after you have manually hit Save once. So if its a temporary thing that you are trying out in, you won’t hit Save and hence no auto-saving! No more worrying about losing changes and remembering to hit Save.

And of course, this can be turned off from Settings if you want that.

New Editor Theme — Base2Tone-Meadow

I am really happy to include this first user contributed theme inside Web Maker. A simple yet beautiful 3-color theme that you should definitely try out if too many colors bug you. Thanks to @diomed for contributing this.

Use System Fonts

Again a feature suggestion by @diomed. This allows you to use any font on your system for the code inside the editors.

You have bought Operator Mono? Not able to use that awesome font inside Web Maker? No More! Just select “Other font from system” and put in your font name.

Babel Polyfill Included

While coding in ES6 mode, you now get Babel-polyfill included. This means you get those next-gen global things like Object.prototype.includes , WeakMap etc. Read more about it.

Optional Downloads Permission

Installing Web Maker no more asks for Downloads permission. That is only asked when you hit the Take Screenshot button for the first time, in order to download the generated screenshot.

Other Improvements

Many other small improvements have been introduced in this release. Like highlighting for matching tags in HTML, reduced flickering while opening Web Maker, optional auto-completion, popular library updates.

Really excited to introduce this release to you all! Hope you like it :) Want to send in some suggestions, comments, feature requests? Here are your options:

Twitter — @webmakerApp

Gitter —

Github —

Until next release!