5 Web Push Notification Strategies for Successful User Engagement

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Web Push Notifications are clickable messages that appear on your desktop, mobile or tablet. One need not be online to receive them and it comes out as a pop-up. According to data, Push Notifications boost engagement by 88%. Implementing the right strategy for user retention and engagement, one can improve its rate of engagement and also in retaining the existing users to get more conversion.

If you are a website, trying to drive more engagement, sales or trying to push or increase your number of subscribers, you should be definitely trying out Push Notification. Personalized push notification can pave a way to higher returns in marketing. Include Web Push Notification as one of your prime marketing strategy to build more customer engagement and retention with some cool Web Push Notification strategies.

1. Push Notification should not be intrusive, and Welcome by the User

If we find a right frequency of sending Web Push Notifications, so that they are relevant, personalized and contextual, then these wouldn’t feel intrusive. Web Push Notification is a unique real time communication mechanism, that can boost engagement by 88%.

Some examples of contextual Push Notifications that work well are

a) Price Alerts on my Favourite products — Air Tickets, Phones.
b) Inventory Alert when an out of stock item comes in stock
c) Breaking News Alert, in areas of my interest
d) Payment reminder alert,
e) If you are two side marketplace, sharing alerts when someone responds to you — e.g. someone bids on your used phone listing, or someone shows interest in your dating profile, etc.

Right promotion of the stores or websites, regular updates, and time-related campaigns should also be incorporated in your regular Web push notifications to get better returns.

2. Right Timing of the Notification is crucial

Sending the notification at the right time, and depending on user context is key. Sending a notification at mid-night is definitely going to be annoying so respect the time zone Segment your users based on their location and gender and occupation etc so that you do not interrupt if they on different time zones. Segmentation of users increases Click Through Rate up to 2X depending on the industry.

Also, context is important. What use is sending a notification about offers in Goa Flight Tickets when my booking is done. This is often tough to get it right, but by using the data of user’s action on your site, as well as some industry average data — like a user is likely to buy a ticket within 7 days of them doing a search, can help you design a campaign that is timely.

Eg: Using PushEngage Drip Push Notification, which used the context of user browsing on the site, Intex, increased click rates by 312%

3. Personalized Message Works!

A personalized message, say with customer name, and a product he was browsing, is sure to drive a spark in getting your users to get converted. A user finds a personalized message more appealing and convincing rather than a regular push notification. It increases the rate of engagement. Tailor-Made push notification can generate more engagement and can even derive a higher conversion rate. After sending a personalized notification, measure the success rate of your web push notification campaign for the same.

Personalized PushNotification

You can create a personalized web push notification in various ways if you are a PushEngage subscriber, using our personalization API’s and Trigger API’s that can person.

Cart Abandonment Push Notification

Also, you can even send a personalized notification to a user who left a product in his cart and later forgot to make the purchase complete by sending an extra offer along with a reminder of the item he has forgotten to purchase. He is sure to make the purchase complete.

4. Right Opt-in Prompt

Opt-in your first interaction with your customer that will later convert him into a loyal user. So, the first impression should always stand unique and impressive. Onboarding your users properly with maximizing the right opt-in strategy can reduce the churn rates, which can lead to higher subscription.

The very first opt-in pop out message should also be impressive and should make the user click on it without a second thought. Use of powerful language, and showing the power of your brand with a persuasive message can get you them on board.

5. Incorporating Multi-Channel Strategy

Incorporating a multi-channel approach is a great way to help your users after they sign up for your website. With Push Notifications, send them a series of drip notifications thus helping them to get convinced they have reached the right place and that they can be well-benefitted.

Using Multi-channel strategy across all channels like EMail, Push, Social Media, Google, can increase your brand recall and can increase the conversion rates. Getting when to reach the customer, and through which channel, can be done by learning the past patterns of your customer interaction and using Machine Learning algorithms.

To summarize — Follow the above Five Strategies for Web Push Notifications to drive much higher engagement on your site.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at ravi@pushengage.com.



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