ReactJs with create-react-app and Sublime Text

I came back to ReactJs after some time. It’s a lot easier now to start a new react app, and build the project after it’s finished, without any configuration. The npm package create-react-app makes the whole process a lot easier.

Preparing sublime for ReactJs development;

  1. Install babel-sublime Sublime Text package to have syntax highlighting for JSX (For other text editors, please follow steps at
  2. Emmet works inside JSX by default if you expand emmet abbreviation by pressing ctrl+e, but if you have the habit of expanding emmet abbreviations using tab key, then add this snippet to your key bindings.

ReactJs installation (using create-react-app);

  1. Inside terminal execute npm install -g create-react-app. It will install create-react-app npm package globally.
  2. Inside your projects folder execute create-react-app app-name. A new react project will create with the name provided.
  3. cd to the project (e.g., cd app-name).
  4. Execute npm start which will open your newly created bare-bone project at localhost:3000 in your default browser.
  5. Start editing src/App.js.
  6. When you want to build for production, execute npm run build inside the application’s folder.