Analysing my own interviewing performance

The process of conducting user interviews was an interesting one. Each stage was educational in some way and I found doing the interviews was pretty fun!

For the first two interviews I was only asking about peoples social media habits and I was interviewing people I already knew, but for the purpose of authenticity I tried to pretend I didn’t have any former knowledge about the persons. So just because I already knew them I still tried to perform the interviews in the way one would with a stranger. Asking them before hand where they would feel most comfortable being interviewed and making them feel at ease when we met in that environment. The third interview was with a stranger so I made sure to be very polite both in person and in email exchanges.

Reenactment of interview (no hand touching in real interview!)

I learned about asking open ended questions so you wouldn’t get one word answers. I feel I did this quite well with the face-to-face interviews but not so well with the online survey, as I was limited to 10 questions and because I didn’t know the person had to ask some basic yes or no questions to get an easy understanding of the person.

For the interviews conducted in person I made sure to give the interviewees plenty of time for each question and said it was ok to think about there answers for a couple of minutes instead of answering straight away. For the online interview the participant could take as much time as she wanted to answer the questions.

I think I got some pretty good results from the interviews. There was a variety of data but after analysing it all I had a solid understanding of how participants used social networks and that there was some need for a social network based around astrology. If someone who works in the field does not know of any astrology groups but has friends interested in the subject then there is potential for a community to be made online.

I would have preferably liked to have had more responses from the staff at the clairvoyant shop but I understand people are busy and don’t have time for some kid to ask them questions. I feel for more conclusive data more user interviews should have been done across the board.

Read the interviews:

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