First Interview

Interviewer: Could you say your name and age into the recorder please?

Zoe: Zoe… 20


Z: 20…sorry

I: Small audible laugh

I: Which social networking sites do you use?

Z: Um… Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat there are probably other ones that exist that I’m a part of

I: But there the only ones you use regularly?

Z: Yes, regularly scratch Facebook cos I fucking hate that shit

I: Why do you use these?

Z: Um, for various reasons.

I: You can take as much time to think about it

Z: I use facebook because people i know in my life are still on it which is annoying and you organise events on it which is annoying and people i know still use it. I use Twitter because i have a professional profile on there which employers check so i make sure i try and tweet like i’m an interesting person. I use instagram because i like posting pictures of boring things, I use snapchat because i like posting pictures of boring things. I use tumblr because i like reblogging pictures of pretty people and…

I: audible laugh

Z: audible laugh

Z: ok scratch that one

Z: I use tumblr because it’s a good source for feminist issues and you can reblog stuff about feminism and spread the message and find out about things you wouldn’t normally find out about in traditional news sources.

I: and the pretty people

Z: and the pretty people of course

Z: oh i also use linkedin because it’s a professional profile and i can find out if i’m having an interview or who’s going to be interviewing me, i can see who has connections in places i want to work.

I: how often do you use these sites?

Z: I would say there is a core section of them that i use daily because i have the apps downloaded on my phone. So that would be instagram, tumblr and snapchat and twitter to a certain extent. Facebook and linkedin i’d say are more occasional use usually because i’m going on it either because i haven’t been on it for a while or there’s a specific reason i want to go on there.

I: you kind of went on it a bit, how do you access the sites? phone, computer tablet?

Z: the ones i use regularly i have downloaded as an app on my phone, but most of them i can access through a computer. I also have desktop application for twitter which i sometimes use. I think that’s it

I: what are some of your favourite features of these social networks?

Z: i like snapchat because you can build up these stories of your days and it doesn’t matter if its a crap photo or not because it is a disposable thing and also you can add text and pictures to it which i enjoy and plus i like seeing other peoples…

phone buzz

Z: what time is it? I’ll reply to him later

Z: instagram i like because you have to be a bit more artistic with it but its still people sharing photos and i’ve got good friends on there, i persuaded my mum to go on there which is quite funny. She posts pictures of my dog!

I: Wow

Z: she posts pictures of my dog why wouldn’t you want that on instagram its great

I: and like loads of selfies

Z: yeah mum does selfies, proper pro selfies. shh you’re supposed to be a stranger

I: audible laugh

Z: audible laugh

Z: cut that bit

Z: tumblr i like because you can get so many different opinions and you can get news stories and sources with different opinions on it and it’s got it’s own sense of humour and things like that which i quite enjoy. Plus i think i have time for it now which i didn’t have before, such a waste of time. Twitter i like because again you can find out news stories, i follow a lot of tech related accounts and i get alerted to things i otherwise wouldn’t be aware of. facebook i don’t enjoy looking at at all. linkedin is the same its really tedious but its a necessary evil both of them.

Z: i just need to reach for my tea

I: are there any features you think these social networks need?

Z: audible tea slurp

Z: facebook better privacy and easier way to delete content. so deleting posts of a certain age would be really useful feature or just deleting the app apparently is what i need to do but you know its one of those things. snapchat there is some really poorly implemented features on it so you can technically chat to people and video chat to people on snaphat its just really poorly done so no one really knows you can do it or have tried and thought really what the hell is this. so its not done well.

audible plane noise

Z: instagram… i don’t know instagrams perfect

I: audible laugh

Z: audible laugh

Z: apart from the people on it… and all the products that have popped up around it. no, im not sure with instagram, it is what it is. got to keep it simple really , if they made it convoluted it wouldn’t work. tumblr, there is a lot of people that need help on that site. i’m sorry but some people just… well i suppose some of them are seeing therapists, oh god this is on recording.

I: i’m thinking more of the site not necessarily the people on it

Z: tumblr has a terrible mobile app, because its a very image heavy site so it requires a delicate balance to make sure you don’t overload the phone otherwise it will just crash or won’t load the images at all. tumblr hasn’t managed that, it just crashes and is terrible and it doesn’t load things and its very limited experience compared to the website which is not a good thing.

I: does the site functionality and design of a social network matter to you?

Z: yes because isn’t that basically what it is? if its designed and functioned in a way that its not supposed to function then thats not what it is

I: i’m talking more about, say it works but its kind of clunky or kind of hard to use

Z: in which case it does matter because ive got no patience for clunky rubbish websites, i just don’t, unless i have to do it like something related to the government but you know unless you have to fill out that form, i don’t want to be on a badly built website because user experience is so important and so many sites get it wrong and i’m not gonna sit around for however long waiting for it to load or to not work or to look like its working but not really work.

I: what makes you join a social network?

Z: i’ll join social networks if… tends to be if someone else has talked about it or someone else has advocated for it because it’s kind of not a social network unless other people are on it and if other people have said its a good thing then that’s kind of how i end up, yeah cos another social network i ended up joining is called Ello or something and it was going to be an ad free facebook and that shit but its boring as hell, but i heard good things about it so i was like ok. i spent no time on it

I: is this the sort of thing that someone you know in real life would have to be like its really good or…

Z: i would probably, i definitely heard about Ello through the internet people and people on other social networks saying hey we’re all going over there now, yeah really? But i do hear about certainly tumblr i was hearing people speak about it way before i actually bothered joining.

I: but would the fact that a family member or a frend said you should join be a defining kind of moment for wanting to do it?

Z: it probably, i think it wouldn’t be like you wanna join? it would be more this is really useful for this or hey i use it for this and things like that. If i heard someone saying you could use pinterest to do that idea you just talked about i’d be like ok that makes sense to me.

I: would you use a social network for a specific interest of yours? like films or sports?

Z: does imdb count as a social network it does have a social aspect to it and thats very specific.

I: ok, lets say you’re into origami or something…

Z:yeah, something crazy like that

I: would you use a social network based around people liking origami?

Z: i’ve been on forums surrounding origami, which would be a social element but an actual social network. I guess the beauty of larger social networks is that if you want to you can make it about one thing but there is a way to do that, you know with twitter you can follow people around a topic, with tumblr you can definitely only follow people around a certain topic and make your blog all about a certain topic. Perhaps going on a site that is specifically for something, i’m not sure if i would go on a site that is for one specific thing because you never know when you’ll get bored of that thing and then where are you left with.

I: would you be interested in being an active member of an online community?

Z: well i suppose if i was joining one it would be during the point of my interest in it and i would join in order to take part and contribute. otherwise what’s the point in joining, but i suppose you can stalk other peoples responses and answers to things and thats equally a part of contributing to social networks or not, its just stalking them.

I: could anything be done to convince you to maybe use a more niche social network? like if a friend of yours was on it?

Z: I think if the friend was in the same interest sphere and know I was into it as well then yeah that would make a difference

I: so if a friend of yours was like you gotta join this origami social network its legit cool would you be like I’ve gotta get on that?

Z: yeah, hell yeah, but because they’ve vouched for it and things like that

I: and finally who is your favourite interviewer?

Z: really? I don’t even know you man you just showed up in the middle of the street and started asking these questions about origami

I: yeah… but… but still, Ithink we’ve bonded over this 13 minutes and 55 seconds

Z: do you want me to re-say any bits or clarify any bits better or if there is anything i’ve put in a garbled senten…

End Of Recording

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