My Goals

What do I want to learn?

We have been tasked to design the UX and build a prototype for a web-based social network. So I want to learn how to design the UX and build a prototype for a web-based social network. Maybe I should be a bit more specific.

I want to learn about the importance of UX when designing a web-based product. This would include learning how to properly interview people and conduct user testing as these are both important steps in the process.

I am also interested to learn about the more psychological side of how people interact with social networks so that I can better the user experience of my social network.

Is this how you user test?

How am I going to measure my learning?

Right now I feel like a know a solid amount about UX design, I’m probably totally wrong, but I’ll stick with my delusions for now. Just from being a user of social networks and them being such a widely participated in platform, I am able to see the similarities they have with each other and features commonly used that must have proved effective with users.

It is because of this reason that I feel I already know some of the methods to good UX but I am excited to learn more about the subject. There is probably a bunch of stuff I’ve never heard of or thought about which will prove to be particularly effective when building a social network prototype.

How you gonna achieve these goals?

I can achieve my goals because they are not extravagantly out there and are actually attainable. I want my social network to have a good UX design but I am not trying to drastically change the game, so by consistently wire framing and user testing I should achieve my goal of creating a social network prototype.

Can you actually do it?


As I understand it the prototyping process takes a lengthy amount of time so although it may take a while I will achieve what I’ve set out to do.

When’s the deadline?

I have until the 4th June. I will blog weekly as I way of preserving what I am learning over the next few months.

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