Second Interview

Ambient Coffee shop music/ background noise

Interviewer: could you say your name and age into the recorder please?

Angela: Angela, 20 years old

I: which social networking sites do you use?

A: Facebook and…. that’s it i think

I: i know for a fact you use Snapchat

A: what?

I: you use Snapchat don’t you?

A: no i don’t…

I: oh shit that’s not you then

I: Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin?

A: no i know them i just haven’t got them

I: you only use Facebook…ok

I: how do you use it…phone?

A: um…

I: no sorry not… why do you use it?

A: why do i use it? to check what my friends are doing and for me it works differently because i’m outside home at this moment so its good to see what my friends are doing since i’m not there. and also to talk to them because it would be difficult if i didn’t have Facebook i wouldn’t be able to chat to them and other stuff. and also i use messenger a lot on Facebook to phone call my friends and my parents back in my home country.

I: where’s your home country?

A: Italy

I: what part?

A: sorry i didn’t say that… I’m from Sardinia

I: how often do you use these sites?

A: i don’t know like everyday, a lot. i dont know

I: a few hours? a couple minutes?

A: it depends on the day, i guess its bad

I: on average?

A: on average, i dunno, one hour per day, one hour and a half. like on average

I: how do you access these sites? on your phone on your computer?

A: my phone and my computer, but you know they always have something to catch you, like videos and stuff, i also use it for that. just to laugh at videos

I: would you say you use, go on it more on your phone while you’re out and about…

A: i go on it more on my phone

I: what’s your favourite features of Facebook?

A: my favourite feature?

I: yeah… what do you like about it. what does the site offer that you like?

A: seriously i don’t know…

I: well you said earlier about the messenger

A: yeah of course i love that cos its fast and you can actually, i don’t know everything is there, everyone is always there. there are lots of things that i don’t like more than i do like

I: are there any features you think this social network should have? so…what don’t you like about it?

A: i don’t like the like button for sure, no just kidding

I: audible laugh

A: don’t know seriously about this… i don’t know what kind of features. wait i have to think about this

I: take as much time as you like

A: what can facebook have? um…

I: its perfect as it is!

A: its not perfect but i mean…

I: ok what’s not good about it?

A: ok you should block the requesting for play with this guy blah blah help me play this game, you should be able to block that because they’re really annoying and actually i think they’re improving a lot because before there were a lot things that were not good but now there are a few.

I: does the design and functionality of the site effect, if it was poorly designed would you not use it as much?

A: i think that design is important of course, i think it is because its more attractive

I: you said you use it to connect to people back in italy so even if it was clunky and didn’t work very well would you still use it?

A: no of course, you get waiting a lot of time before, i dunno, a message is sent or something like that so of course not

I: but you prefer it as quite aesthetically pleasing?

A: what’d you mean?

I: it looks nice

A: yeah it looks nice but i remember when all the people were complaining when they changed the design of the chat. it took quite a bit of time before that was improved so i think you just have to get used to it

I: what makes you join a social network?

A: what makes me join? sorry i don’t know what you mean… why do i go there?

I: if someone was advertising a social network to you what we be like i need to join this…

A: i would be more drawn, is that right drawn by my friend

I: ok so you’re more drawn if your friends on it

A: yeah if i see a lot of friends that are there i think there is a reason why i should be there because if there is no one i know what’s the point of being there you know? thats why i don’t use Viber actually cos a lot of friends of mine don’t have it

I: Viber?

A: Viber, its like Whatsapp or something like that. its not a social thing i think. but i think you have to have a lot of friends there i think and they tell you look at this look at this, thats what happened with Facebook because i wasn’t there and my friends told me that i should

I: ok, would you use a social network for a specific interest of yours?

A: yes

I: so say would you join one specifically for films?

A: yes definitely because i actually found a lot of people from my uni before going there just looking for, do you mean this stuff? cos you’re looking at me like…

I: huh…

A: do you mean this stuff that i’m answering you?

I: what do you mean do i mean the stuff?

A: the answer, are you looking for…

I: i dunno you were half way through explaining what the answer was

A: ok i mean i think its really useful because i have a project or something i just have to find people that have my same interest and go into groups and this stuff and i find them and it’s useful to work. in this moment i know a lot of people are going out of Facebook but i can’t because for me its useful for working because every advice from my teachers is there, you know i get organised through groups and chat with different groups to do some projects so its easier cos even if you don’t have their numbers you have there Facebook contact so just find them there and you organise

I: but if there’s a whole new social network just about films or another interest within your life would you join that?

A: yes

I: you would, even if none of your friends are on it?

A: yes because…

I: if i said to you heres a thing about films its really cool and you’d go and do it?

A: yes if its about an interest i’ve got well then yeah absolutely

I: would you, do you think you’d be an active member on that sort of thing? would you go on it a lot and talk to a lot of people on it? join the community that’s there?

A: i don’t know if…

Barista: audible Italian speaking

A: audible Italian speaking

I: stop flirting! audible laugh

A: i’m not flirting, jesus christ. its not flirting

I: Angela’s flirting!

A: its not flirting

I: audible laugh

A: you never saw me flirting so

I: i don’t know what he just said in Italian

A: oh we were talking in, he just saying was it good coffee. so anyway

I: what was the question again?

A: would you be an active member?

I: audible laugh

A: it depends on the, on how much, how interesting is the website. is the website like Facebook now where you can share a lot of things see a lot of videos and i don’t know its active now so it will push you to do things actually, so i think i would be an active member

I: so lets say they’re having an in depth discussion about Hitchcock films or the latest, what’s on the cinema right now or whatever, would you be like oh yeah i wanna join in on the conversation

A: i think i would be more one that would read the conversation instead of join in maybe

I: could anything be done to convince you to join in more, say like a friend of yours was on the site as well and your saw them chatting to these people would you then sort of join in?

A: maybe i would join the thing if i see that there is something that really annoys me…

I: audible laugh

A: like they’re saying something i’m not, i don’t, how do you say that

I: agree with?

A: yeah, thanks, i don’t agree with what they’re saying because they’re completely saying, can i say bullshit?, if they’re completely saying bullshit yes i would then comment but otherwise…

I: so only if they said something you were passionately against?

A: not for something i agree i would just put a like or something like that

I: would you say that you like having a feature where you can just click to like something then?

A: yes definitely

I: final question, who is your favourite interviewer?

A: audible laugh

A: well i have to think about it, i think it’s, uh… it’s you and david lettermen is after you

I: Woohoo!

A: did you really put this question?

End of recording

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