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Web3 Builders: Darwinia | Cross-Chain Value Transfer on Substrate

Darwinia Network is an open cross-chain bridge chain built with Substrate for the Polkadot ecosystem

Darwinia Network is an open cross-chain bridge chain based on
Substrate. It focuses on the construction of decentralized cross-chain token
swap, exchange and market. Our core technology is Darwinia bridge which serves as critical infrastructure, supporting cross-chain value transfer across
heterogeneous blockchain networks in a truly decentralized way.

At present, the business directions mainly include on-chain
services of NFT and cross-chain NFT markets, cross-chain token
bridges of stablecoins, and cross-chain Token Dex protocol.

Why Substrate and Polkadot

Earlier, our two co-founders have had great passion for Ethereum,
so they have been always interested in the work done by Gavin
Wood and Parity. We finally decided to join the Polkadot
ecosystem was because of Substrate. The main advantage of
Rustlang. Around the beginning of 2019, we studied Substrate in-
depth and found that the design of this framework is very forward-
looking in many aspects. Including the modular design, runtime
environment, etc, plus the previous great impression to Parity, we
had a feeling that the application chain based on Substrate should
really have a vigorous development in the future.

Also, our project is highly aligned with the Substrate framework.
Our team, Itering, has been committed to the large-scale
implementation of blockchain applications. The technical solutions
for research and development are mainly aimed at the “application
landing”, including the cross-chain technology “Darwinia Bridge
chain”, Distributed Key Management Service DKMS, NFT
identifiability, etc. As you know, at the same time, the blockchain
network is a complex network system that requires strong
underlying support and security guarantees. It is impossible to deal with this problem without an extensive open source community
and reliable partners. Therefore, after more than a year of
exploring and learning, we thought that Substrate is an excellent
core of a blockchain framework. Our team is also a fan of

In addition to Substrate, Polkadot has many other designs that are
very appealing to us, including cross-chain architecture, parachain
design of shared security pool, SPREE module, Web Assembly
etc. These technologies can create truly trust-free chain network,
not just to establish a message communication mechanism
between blockchains.

👉 Save your spot for Darwinia’s webinar on Polkadot’s Crowdcast.

Following Darwinia

Darwinia Website: https://darwinia.network/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DarwiniaNetwork
Telegram: https://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork



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Dan Reecer

Dan Reecer

Chief Growth Officer @ Acala and Karura. Previously launched Polkadot and Kusama @ Web3 Foundation.