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Causes Are Key to Brand Marketing Success for Web2 to Web3

Marketing is experiencing a seismic shift for the better.

Problem 1 — Brands Evolving Beyond Web2

Problem 2 — Trust and Connection in a Fragmented World

Connecting the Dots for Connection, Causes, Emotion, Trust, and Brand Loyalty

Why Emotion Matters for Customer Loyalty

How Emotion Translates to the Bottom Line for Brands

Customer Loyalty = Higher Retention, Less Churn = Higher Profits

Trust and Customer Loyalty

Problem 3 for Brands — Customer Experience (CX) Is Now Everything

Enter Web3 Marketing. Sort of.

Impact Opportunities in Web3 Marketing

Try this:



Led by two female founders, The Impactoverse is a sustainability and impact evolution ecosystem. We help brands and impact initiatives use Web3 tools like NFTs to scale revenue, engagement and impact.

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