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What is PetDropsNFT?

Did you have “sharing time” in 3rd grade? No? Lucky you. My class did. It was an awkward “show and tell” in front of the class. I always liked “showing” a picture, a book, or a rock picked up at recess, rather than the “telling” part. How about you?

In other posts, I covered some of the fire in the belly motivations for creating Impactoverse, a platform connecting impact world-changers to
Web 3 funding, fans, and the future of finance! That was the Tell part. Now I want to Show you what we are doing to walk our talk.

Less Talk, More Walk

Ta-dah! Our first beta project:

We are creating an art NFT platform called #PetDropsNFT. (If you are wondering, what the hey is an NFT — Gotcha covered.)

Art NFTs have utility for fundraising. Complexity and geek-speak is a barrier to many impact entrepreneurs, companies, NPOs, and regular people in creating art NFTs for fundraising.

PetDrops is an Edutech experience that teaches how to mint an NFT. It offers a low-risk, fun way to dip a toe in the NFT ocean while helping animals in need. We’ll be offering two ways to participate in our creator community:

  1. A DIY portal — Immortalize your pet for all eternity in an NFT, while helping other animals! Petdrops DIY will teach anyone how to create an NFT, share the news with your friends, and list your NFT for sale with proceeds benefitting animal welfare NPOs.
  2. A DFY service — pressed for time? Allergic to tech but love animals? Our “done for you” service is for people, NPOs, and companies that want to join the PetDrops impact community but don’t want to actually mint the NFT.

We serveschools and STEM projects who want to host team NFT drops, giving students a safe, fun community to learn about NFTs. We are kind of like the Lemonade Stand project for art NFTs. For example, the Girls School of Austin is onboard to participate once we get our beta built out.

And finally, we serve the animal welfare organizations that benefit from the sales of the NFTs.

We are working on pulling this together, with no outside funding (yet), almost 24/7 as we are in different time zones. Our logo is super cute, can’t wait to “drop” it on you, hahaha.

Stay tuned! If you have any questions, connections, or are simply curious ad want to know more, we are here for you. Sign up to get our fabulous emails, or send us a note at and we’ll set up a call.

Thank you so much -




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