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The Origin Story for Impactoverse

Since I launched the Web3–4Us Blog, now the blog for Impactoverse, for reasons covered in this post, so much has happened, I wanted to update you all.

I launched the Web3 blog in December in NYC as I was finishing writing a book and working on some other launch plans for 2022. Noleen Mariappen, a longtime colleague and friend, had seen my Web3 blog posts and reached out to schedule a call. Noleen is an impact entrepreneur and startup advisor. She and I met in a virtual accelerator for female entrepreneurs about 8 years ago and have kept in touch since.

Since reading about microfinance in the late 1980s in Los Angeles, I have been fascinated by the models that use for-profit businesses to change the world. Up until this point, I participated via sideline support, advocacy, and two failed social business launches. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #trytryagain.

Noleen had a similar life-long desire to make a difference. She and I decided to create an impact-related venture within what is loosely known as the “Web3 space”. (Wondering what the heck is Web3? I know I was at first. Check out this post.)

Fast forward to February 22, 2022, the year of the Tigress! (Why is it always the Tiger? I call BS. #equaltime).

We launched the Impactoverse website.

Impactoverse exists to close the persistent digital divide and make sure that Web3 does not suffer the same fate as Web2 — when the promise of an open Web morphed into a shiny new version of money-grubbing, patriarchal, white male-dominated, earth-destroying 20th-century capitalism.

Yes, fortunes were made and lots of wealth is still being created, but traditional finance (#tradfi) is incredibly rigged. In my lifetime, wealth disparities increased globally. US fiscal policy and related activities hollowed out the middle class. We still have a few billion people on the planet who can’t get a seat at the table.

I was a seat at the table just by virtue of where I popped out of the womb (USA), and to whom (caring parents).

Noleen and I are passionate about more seats at the table, and not just at the back of the room with the bench seating and bad food, either.

We are taking the long view. There is a sustainable future for cryptocurrencies. Blockchain has world-changing implications with many use cases that have nothing to do with cryptocurrency.

We are going to be up and running as the dust settles, and help impact stakeholders do the same, instead of scrambling at the border with the bell curve bulge once it’s “safe”.

OK, I went a little commando there, but thats the fire in the belly reason why I’m working hella hours, at “my age”, 🙄 freelancing blog posts for tech companies (interesting stuff, I love my clients) and bleeding my IRA (not as interesting, believe me) to keep ramen in the cupboard while we get this going.

The clock is tickin’ folks.

Less Talk, More Walk

In marketing positioning, there is a useful formula if your goal is for people to understand what you are doing. It goes like this:

I (or we) help X, do Y, so they can do Z.


The Impactoverse is and ecosystem connecting impact world-changers like woke investors, impact entrepreneurs, B Corps, and NPOs

to leverage Web3 tools for marketing, charity fundraising, new opportunities for collaboration

So they can scale their impact in the world.

That’s the big vision, which we’ll be sharing more about later. I always liked “showing” rather than “telling” during sharing time in third grade. How about you?

Check out this post, or this announcement on LinkedIn, where I introduce our first project, #PetDropsNFT. If you like animals, fun community, art, and helping animal welfare organizations, this is for you.

Thanks for reading!

All my best,




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