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Success in Web3 Marketing — Keep it Lean and Lean on the Fundamentals

One pitfall in marketing (and life) is that it is easy to sit in process too long. I would guess this is one of the basic reasons for the traditional tension between sales and marketing.

As we transition to web3, the potential impact (and complexity) of content marketing will increase. Do you think producing engaging, consistent blog and social posts is challenging? Try churning out captivating metaverse experiences on the reg. Get ready to elevate!

But before we do that, let’s get grounded and keep it real. Change can make everyone nervous, and when we get nervous, sometimes we may want to hide. This looks like perfectionism, over-working the details, getting bogged down in content strategy minutiae, too many meetings, forever getting ready to get ready… you get the picture. The results include procrastination and missed deadlines.

By default, content marketing attracts good writers and communicators. We love to discuss and iterate, which is why we need to set clear, time-boxed goals, keep it lean, be decisive and move forward — and help our clients do the same. Their sales team will thank you.

My years of experience as a short video editor for small businesses (i.e., limited budgets) taught me the value of ruthless editing and reigning in scope creep.

In researching a post about web3 content marketing, I came across this classic article from 🏁 ☀ AJ Alonzo at demandDrive that directly relates top takeaways from one of HubSpot content marketing course to the SDR experience. The article is a good read for all marketers.

Web3 moves fast. Ingredients for success include:
Take action over process, waiting until you are “ready” usually leads to overthinking,
Wrap automation and experimentation around authentic, values-driven content that connects with your audience on an emotional level.

How can you adapt your content marketing strategy to transition from web2 to web3? I’d love to hear more.

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Led by two female founders, The Impactoverse is a sustainability and impact evolution ecosystem. We help brands and impact initiatives use Web3 tools like NFTs to scale revenue, engagement and impact.

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