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The Customer For Life (CFL) Trust Content Marketing Funnel

The Customer For Life (CFL) Trust Content Marketing Funnel

What does a marketing funnel tell us? It reflects the stages of building a relationship. Our job is to deliver content that builds that relationship.

Phase 1 — Attract Emotion with Shared Values

Attract with shared values because people are emotional about their values. David Allison’s work with Valuegraphics is an excellent resource; you’ll see a bit more about it in Part 3.

Phase 2 — Engage, Build Trust and Teach

Engage, build trust and teach with values (emotional) content, sprinkling in some learning content and information. For some brands, the balance of content will skew toward information and teaching, yet they also must deliver content that speaks to the audience’s whole brain.

Phase 3 — Prime the Sale and Build Trust.

This is where your customer journey work really comes in handy. Let people know you understand “where they are at” with content personalized to their stage of the journey.

Phase 4 — Convert

Convert or ask for sale as a mutual commitment. Be crystal clear as to what they can expect from you next. Let them know you are in this for the long haul.

Phase 5 — Seal the Deal During the Honeymoon

DOUBLE DOWN on your new CFL’s first experience with your product or service. Prove you are trustworthy — be clear, present, and available for them. What is their unboxing or onboarding experience?



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