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Twitter: Priming the Pump for Your First NFT Drop

Are you a #Bcorp or other social business, NPO, or NGO wondering about NFTs? Are you a corporation wanting to align with one of the above, and also wondering about how you might leverage NFTs?

Here is a tip: A community that is interested in NFTs is essential to the NFT drop success. I know that seems obvious, but there have been some high-profile missteps with $$ promoted launches and low response. #crickets

A lot of the NFT community is understandably hanging out in Web3 spaces like #Discord and #NFTmarketplaces.

If your brand is more mainstream, not active on Discord, and you aren’t ready to create a lasting presence in an NFT marketplace, try this:

Twitter is the most popular Web2 platform of choice for people in the Web3 space. Start ramping up your Twitter activity ASAP, well before any NFT announcements. (Bonus points for #TikTok, if you are extra motivated.)

You don’t have to tweet about #crypto or NFTs, unless that makes sense for your brand.

People are multifaceted, just because they are into NFTs doesn’t mean that’s the only thing they vibe with. Take a cue from David Allison’s The Valuegraphics Project — create some content based on shared values.

This is the example that gave me this idea:

In March 2022, Blue Diamond Growers Almond Breeze #apefuel NFT drop on #Solana gave away 1000 product image NFTs, 3 included a one-year subscription to the product. Blue Diamond says 5% of NFT art resales will be donated to Future Farmers of America. #impact

I don’t know how much pre-launch tweeting Blue Diamond did to prime the pump, so to speak, and I don’t have access to their campaign results, but the response seemed to be positive.

People claimed all 1000 NFTs in about a month. That’s pretty impressive relative to some of the other campaign results I’ve seen. Now there are 1000 images of their branded product filtered into various collections, mostly on Solana. The company can track the NFTs, too, and glean some insights from the trading going forward.

If you check out the #apefuel Twitter buzz, many recipients posted their NFT image on Twitter and tagged Blue Diamond.

I’m guessing many of those people are NFT fans that hadn’t previously engaged with the brand. Nice!

Questions? Feel free to message me.
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