EthCC Web3 Ecosystem Development Track

Web3 Foundation is teaming up with EthCC to present a full day of talks, discussions, and learnings dedicated to Ethereum, Polkadot, Substrate & Whisperv2. We’re calling this the Web3 Ecosystem Development track. It will be held Day One, 5 March.

Expect to hear deep dives from devs building on both Ethereum and Substrate, the differences between smart contracts and parachains, the latest Web3 ecosystem development, and how Polkadot can connect different blockchains together into a web of economic activity.

The Web3 Ecosystem Development track will host talks from, Protocol Labs, ChainLink, Polkadot, AdEx, iExec, Ocean Protocol, Web3 Foundation, Status, ChainSafe, Edgeware, Polkascan, Polkasource, Speckle OS, and Katallassos.

The day will begin with an overview the State of Web3 from Ryan Zurrer of Web3 Foundation. We will then dive into a bunch of teams presenting their work building on Substrate and preparing for Polkadot. After lunch we have a Whisperv2 panel with the teams working to upgrade Whisper, and we will learn about Polkadot from Co-Founder Robert Habermeier, as well as other ecosystem components such as libp2p, the networking stack powering Polkadot and Ethereum 2.0, and the Polkascan block explorer. We’ll finish the day with talks from the outstanding Ocean Protocol, 0x and ChainLink.

EthCC x Web3 Foundation Day One: March 5, 2019

9:30–9:35 Jack Platts (W3F) — “Introduction to Web3 Ecosystem Development Track”

9:35–10:05 Ryan Zurrer (W3F) — “The State of Web3 & Polkadot Governance”

10:05–10:35 François Branciard (iExec) — “Substrate Meets iExec: How to Build a Domain-Specific Token-Based Chain”

10:35–11:05 Aidan Hyman (ChainSafe) — “Moving from Sidechains to Parachains”

11:05–11:35 Dillon Chen (Edgeware) — “Edgeware: Experiments in On-Chain Governance”

11:35–12:05 Antoine Najjarin (Speckle OS) — “The User Experience for Web 3: Challenges and Opportunities”

12:05–12:35 Reto Trinkler (Katallassos) — “Katallassos: A Standard Framework for Financial Contracts”

12:35–13:05 Rob Habermeier (Polkadot) — “Cumulus: Entering the Substratosphere”

13:05–13:50 Lunch Break

14:00–14:30 Ivo Georgiev (AdEx Network) — “Building payment channels with Substrate”

14:30–15:00 Mike Goelzer (Protocol Labs) — “libp2p: A Modular, P2P Networking Stack”

15:00–15:30 Emiel van der Hoek (Polkascan; Polkasource) — “Exploring the Polkadot/Substrate Runtime”

15:30–16:30 [Panel]

Fatemeh Shirazi (W3F), Oskar Thorén (Status), Sebastian Bürgel (Validity Labs), & Harry Halpin (Nym/Inria) — “Whisper v2 Implementation”

Moderated by Stefanie Roos

16:30–17:00 Sergey Nazarov (Chainlink) — “Secure Decentralized Oracles on the Polkadot Network”

17:00–17:30 Shawn Tabrizi (Parity) — “Enabling Forkless Blockchain Upgrades with Substrate”

17:30–18:00 Dimitri de Jonghe (Ocean) — “A Web3 Data Economy with Ocean Protocol and Polkadot”

18:00–18:05 Jack Platts (W3F) — Concluding Comments & Announcement of Day 2 and 3 Workshops

18:05 End


There are also great workshops on Day two & three to learn more about Substrate and Polkadot:

Workshop Day Two: March 6, 2019

10:00–12:00 Shawn Tabrizi & Sergei Shulepov (Parity) Building on Substrate

12:30–14:30 Dillon Chen (Edgeware) Governance DAOS on Edgeware

14:30–16:30 Ivo Georgiev (AdEx) Implementing Payment Channels in Substrate

Workshop Day Three: March 7,2019

14:45– 16:45 Gregory Markou, Elizabeth Binks, David Ansermino, and Aidan Hyman (ChainSafe) — ChainSafe: A Journey Building Web3

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EthCC 2019 is the second edition of a series of conferences and workshops that bring together and strengthen the international Ethereum community. EthCC will take place in Paris, on March 5–7. It is non-profit and the tickets are sold at cost. Everybody is welcome: tech-savvy neophytes and experts, developers and non-techs, blue and white collars, students and researchers. This year hosts more than 250 speakers.

To find out more about the entire EthCC program: speakers, media partners, agenda, etc. visit their website If you want to purchase tickets to EthCC Paris use the following links:

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Web 3.0 Technologies Foundation nurtures and stewards technologies and applications in the fields of decentralised web software protocols.