New year, new beginning

The 2017 has been eventful. We have seen the Blockchain ecosystem grow at the speed of light: new promising projects arising, DAOs and dApps popping up everywhere, discussions flowing. Most importantly, we have witnessed a crescent adoption of the Web3 vision; accompanied by the big cryptocurrencies outburst. This past year was exciting until the very end, when in the last hours of 2017, a big breakthrough — the first Casper Alpha testnet for Ethereum’s roadmap towards proof of stake was released.

This is exhilarating for us all. As we work toward a responsible, ecosystem-friendly plan for our Foundation (as stated on our latest post), we are at the gates of a new world order; one where the internet is serverless and users are in control of their data, identity, and destiny. And of course, we’re not forgetting the fact that the build of our first stewarded project, Polkadot, is underway.

Let’s all stay united and keep up the excellent work in this new year! 
All the best (decentralized) wishes to you!

Web3 Foundation