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Mar 25 · 3 min read

Web 3.0 Bootcamp Hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, New Chainbase, Parity and Web3 Foundation Comes Back with More Attractive Trainings and Rewards

March 25th, 2021. Web3 Foundation, Parity, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and New Chainbase kicked off the second Web 3.0 Bootcamp, in which twelve outstanding startups from around the world will be selected to join a six-month training program. One of the primary goals of this professional instruction is that, by the end of the sessions, the twelve selected teams have a clear plan for or have begun mature and sustainable business models based on Substrate and Polkadot, thereby paving the way for the next phase of Internet, Web 3.0.

The First Web 3.0 Bootcamp held last year offered selected teams abundant resources and opportunities, such as technical support, professional mentors, POC, demo day, etc. As a result, seven out of the 15 selected teams won investment from leading blockchain investors. All the teams improved their brand awareness through global roadshows and connected with other promising projects in the Polkadot ecosystem, which gave them the upper in cross-chain interaction.

The Second Web 3.0 Bootcamp this year has come back with an upgraded training mechanism and more attractive resources and rewards to help selected teams achieve significant progress.

During the six-month’s training, the Second Web 3.0 Bootcamp will go all out to support the 12 selected teams with technology, product, capital, cooperation resources in Wanxiang Blockchain ecosystem and Polkadot ecosystem.

Specifically speaking, Wanxiang Blockchain and New Chainbase will provide comprehensive courses, covering technology, product, investment, finance, compliance, branding and marketing strategies to the selected teams as an effort to improve their operational and management capabilities. Apart from the courses, Wanxiang Blockchain will also provide the groups with diversified scenarios to prove their concepts, which will help them have a better understanding of the challenges in different industries.

Besides, Parity Technologies and the Web3 Foundation have prepared courses about the development of the operational environment, off-chain workers, parachains, parathread validators and Polkadot economy and will offer the selected teams the opportunities to build solutions on Substrate with Parity through the Polkadot Ambassador Program, Substrate Architect Program and the Delivery Partner Program.

Additionally, the Second Web 3.0 Bootcamp will introduce an incentive mechanism, rewarding excellent performers with more opportunities and resources. That is, the selected team will possibly win a speech slot at the 2021 edition of Wanxiang Global Blockchain Summit and Web 3 Conference as well as other branding opportunities offered by Wanxiang Honeycomb Academy, Web3 Foundation and Parity. Meanwhile, this Bootcamp will add an interview program in which the teams will have more opportunities to introduce themselves and their projects to the public.

By the end of this Bootcamp, a Demo Day will be held for the selected team to showcase their projects and meet leading investors to win necessary financial support for further development.

“Built upon the achievements of the first Web 3.0 Bootcamp, the Second Web 3.0 Bootcamp will get off to a good start. Apart from the upgrades on training and connections, we will integrate the teams graduated from this Bootcamp into our ecosystem, which means that they will continue to get our support after the Bootcamp. We welcome teams dedicated to building a Web 3.0 ecosystem to register for the Second Web 3.0 Bootcamp and we are looking forward to working with you to promote the innovation and progress of the blockchain technologies,” said Du Yu, Manager of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and New Chainbase.

“We are looking forward to continuing our work alongside Wanxiang Blockchain Lab and NewChain Base in this bootcamp initiative, which has shown some encouraging success stories to date. Learning Substrate means that these entrepreneurs will be prepared to build applications for the future of the internet.” Dr. Gavin Wood, co-founder of Web3 Foundation and Parity.

Web3 Foundation

Web 3.0 Technologies Foundation nurtures and stewards technologies and applications in the fields of decentralised web software protocols.

Web3 Foundation Team

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Web3 Foundation is building an internet where users are in control of their own data, identity and destiny. Our primary project is @polkadotnetwork.

Web3 Foundation

Web 3.0 Technologies Foundation nurtures and stewards technologies and applications in the fields of decentralised web software protocols.

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