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4 min readApr 11, 2022


With Wave 13, Web3 Foundation has started the fourth year of grants accepted through its Grants Program. Since the beginning of 2022, we’ve signed 31 grants supporting a variety of projects that aim to create a better, more decentralized web.

This wave has come with a lot of delightful changes to our ecosystem as well as to the grants team itself. The applications submitted and delivered by our grantees added plenty of value in several fields. Some of the highlights include an attestable oracle solution, different innovations in the ever-growing field of stablecoins, no-code platforms for the Substrate ecosystem, and much more. Various teams also applied for grants aiming to implement the RFPs that were published by Web3 Foundation and the community. To top it off, we’re happy to welcome Ashley, Hakan, and Seraya to the grants team.

It’s exciting to see the number of talented teams contributing to the Polkadot, Kusama, and Substrate tech stack, whether it’s voluntary, self-funded, or supported by the grants program or other public funding sources. We’re continuously looking for new projects to support in order to continue the expansion of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. If you’re interested, we invite you to apply or reach out to us as explained further down below.

Recipients 🚀

We maintain a list of all accepted applications on our grants repository here. Below are all 31 grant recipients of Wave 13.

📱 User Interface

Kami Ekbatanifard: Polkadot.js Plus Extension

OpenSquare Network: OpenSquare Paid QA protocol

Valletech AB: Polkawatch

🔗 Chains and Pallets

Pendulum: Spacewalk — a Stellar bridge

Dora Factory: Multisig UI

Chainify: Nolik

Anagolay: Project Idiyanale

Fennel Labs: Fennel Protocol

Virto Network: LIP payments pallet

@Scale Technologies: Libra — Decentralized Payment Network

Interstellar: Interstellar — Wallet Phase 1

Hamster: Hamster — A decentralized computing network

Papers GmbH: Zaturn: A Generic Attestable Oracle parachain Phase 1

Slonigiraf: SLON — a recommendation letter system

Helixstreet: Helixstreet Module

Cryptoviet: Gafi Network — The Network of Game Finance

Asylum: Metaverse for next generation gaming

CESS LAB: Data Store Pallet

Wow Labz: Dot Marketplace Phase 2

Setheum: Setheum HighEnd LaunchPad Crowdsales Module

Hashed: Native Bitcoin Vaults

SaaS3 Lab: SaaS3

NUTS Finance: DOT-pegged derivative built on top of the stable asset protocol

📝 ink Smart Contracts

Bela Supernova: On-chain cash exchange

🔧 Tools, APIs and Languages

EzCode: Polkadot.js NoCode Plugin

Blackprint: Integrating Polkadot.js with Blackprint

Penn State University: Avoiding Rust Deadlocks via Lifetime Visualization

ChainSafe: Substrate Core Polywrapper

✒️ Signatures

Dmitrii Koshelev: Implementation of the new hash function to BLS12 curves

🏃‍♂️ Runtimes

Second State: WasmEdge for Substrate

🧪 Research

Stardust Labs Inc.: Uncollateralized Stablecoin Research and Design

Apply Now!

With parachain slots filling, XCMP evolving, and the Web3 user experience making huge leaps, we are looking forward to a busy grants season. If you are interested in receiving a W3F grant, please reach out! Applying for a grant is as simple as submitting a pull request to our grants program repository. For inspiration, an overview of projects in the ecosystem, and broad project ideas we’re interested in funding, you can take a look at our open source tech stack. The best way to get your proposal accepted is to outline a great roadmap. Going over our guidelines as well as the application template will give you a general idea of what we look for in a grant application.

For project ideas, more information on how to apply, and tips on putting together a great application,, check out the README and FAQs in our grants program repository on GitHub. We look forward to receiving your application!

Work with us!

The grants program aims to be as open and accessible as possible. If you are interested in contributing or getting involved, there are several ways you can do that:

  • We are open to milestone evaluations from third parties. If you are particularly interested in a certain project, or particularly knowledgeable on a relevant subject, submit your own evaluation.
  • We encourage anyone to submit a request for proposals (RFPs). If you find that there is something missing in our ecosystem (a tool, a project, infrastructure, etc.), that we could help fund, please submit an RFP.
  • Join us! We are looking for a Technical Grants Evaluator (among other things) to join us full time. Check out our current job openings and apply!

We strive to continue improving our grants program and are always open to feedback. If you would like to share any suggestions or criticism, please reach out to us on Github or Element!



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