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Web3 Foundation Grants — Wave 8 Recipients

The end of 2020 marked two years of Web3 Foundation grants. In the first year, we awarded more than 60 grants via the General Grants Program. In the second year we added the Open Grants Program and more than doubled this number, signing a total of 147 grants. The last one was signed on New Year’s Eve, showing the efficiency of the partly automated, asynchronous and quicker Open Grants process.

We are happy with what we have achieved over the past two years and are delighted to say that the Grants Program will remain open in 2021 and we will continuously try to improve it further. For example, we recently added the possibility to get paid in stablecoins as well as to receive follow-up grants up to USD 100k (disbursed in Bitcoin or DAI) via our Open Grants Program.

It’s exciting to see the number of talented teams working collaboratively to contribute to the Polkadot, Kusama and Substrate tech stack. We’re still looking for new projects to fund and to continue the expansion of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. See the list of previously accepted projects here.

Recipients 🚀

Previously we announced that we funded 20 projects in September alone, which was a new record for a single month. Only two months later we hit another record of signed grants per month. In November we funded 27 projects, which means we signed a grant almost every day.

Below are all 43 grant recipients listed in Wave 8.

Developer Tooling

Wallets, Interfaces

New runtime modules and dapps

Validator monitoring, alerting and deployment tooling

Apply Now!

We intend to continue awarding grants into 2021, so it’s never too late to apply! Take a look at our open source Polkadot tech stack to get a general idea of what we are interested in funding. Additionally, the builders program feedback board may contain some useful ideas for grant projects or for funding via the Treasuries. The best way to get your proposal accepted is to outline a great roadmap. As a gentle reminder, we recommend taking a look at the example roadmap on the grant repo. Following this example will increase your team’s chances of success.

If you have a great idea for building in our ecosystem, check out our grants page. We look forward to receiving your application!

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the grants process, feel free to reach out: grants@web3.foundation.

We also have Element channels for real-time discussions on Web3 and Polkadot:



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